A bride's story ≫ A Bride's Story vol 01 GN

A Bride's Story vol 01 GN

A Bride's Story vol 01 GN

A Bride's Story vol 01 GN

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At the age of twenty, Amir is sent to a neighboring town to be wed. Her surprise at learning her new husband, Karluk, is eight years younger than she is is quickly replaced by a deep affection for the boy and his family. Though she hails from just beyond the mountains, Amir's clan has very different customs, foods, and clothes from what Karluk is used to. As the two of them learn more about each other through their day-to-day lives, the bond of respect and love grows stronger.

Artikel details
Adult No
Department Boeken / TPB-Manga
Publisher Yen press
Series A bride's story
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
DC Previews 2013 OCT , 2020 JUL
Product Code DCSTK633165
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"facinating" door Sabrina (Nederland) op 28 apr. 2013

This is a story that takes things calm, it describes mostly the culture of central asia, but it does so beautifully and in a very interesting matter. The detail of the art is amazing, and, if you give it time, you will start to see the story develloping around the key characters which is interesting to follow. As the name suggests the story is about the brides of that time and place, it gives interesting insight on what the dynamics of arranged marriages were probably like in back then, and it does so with complete disregard to the stereotypical "it either goes really well, or it goes really bad". That, and the way these stories are told, with the beautiful artwork, make this a manga to recommend.

"Schoonheid kent geen grenzen" door BOOKMan (Netherlands) op 12 sep. 2011

Je kunt a Bride's Story lezen voor het verhaal van deze historische roman, maar het is beter om jezelf weg te laten zinken in het meesterlijk vormgegeven Centraal-Azië en de cultuur die daarbij hoort. Kamoru Mori tekent met liefde de gedetailleerde kostuums, fijn houtsnijwerk en de dagelijkse bezigheden van de personages. Yen Press geeft A Bride's Story op gepaste wijze uit als hardcover edities, want ook zij zien dat een indrukwekkende manga als deze niet tussen de slappen kaften hoort.