Eternity ≫ Eternity vol 01 GN

Eternity vol 01 GN

Eternity vol 01 GN

Eternity vol 01 GN

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Meet Aram Ko, a beautiful 17-year-old Shaman girl who's in search of three reincarnated heroes from the year 184. Yoobin likes to read racy magazines and can talk trash with the best of them; Kwanoo, a mild-mannered eccentric, enjoys playing "patty cake" with ladies; and Jangbang, a fearless fighter, packs a major attitude! Mystery and intrigue ensue as the three warriors battle spiritual enemies from the past while hiding their identities in the strange and unusual world of the 21st century...

Artikel details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Boeken / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Eternity
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Komedie , Drama , Actie
Product Code PRE-2004042898
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"High drama?" door Mazzie (UK) op 17 apr. 2007

Eternity is a well put-together series aimed predominantly at older teenage boys. The art style is particularly strong, and the artist shows a lot of flexibility in style. The story itself is quite different from the usual shounen plot, and with a cast of minor characters supporting the main ones I've already mentioned, this manga rarely gets boring.

The characters have quite a bit of depth to them, and even though there are several they fall safely short of being overly clichéd, which happens frequently in manga of this type. There is a good deal of comedy in this series, which is put to good effect against the high drama of the main storyline. Amazingly enough, while being highly entertaining this manhwa also packs a moralistic punch into its victories and defeats. Though there is a great deal of fighting in this series, the majority of its successes are due to strength of mind and character, which is also refreshing.