Megatokyo ≫ Megatokyo vol 01 GN

Megatokyo vol 01 GN

Megatokyo vol 01 GN

Megatokyo vol 01 GN

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Tell me again, why are we going to Japan ?

Piro, an obsessed anime/manga fan, and Largo, a hard core American gamer and I33th4x0rm4573r, fly to Japan on a whim and find themselves stranded, unable to afford the trip home. In their struggles to find places to crash and money for tickets home, we experience Tokyo from their unique -- and drastically different -- points of view.

Megatokyo Volume 1 is a collection of strips from the first year of the highly online webcomic "Megatokyo." Known collectively as Chapter 0, this book also contains extensive inline notes and commentary. New to this edition is a special section called "Piro's Sketchbook," which collects drawings, sketches, and other material from Megatokyo's early years, most of which has never been available on the website. Read the book, save your bandwith.

"Gallagher is the fastest-rising star on the American manga scene."- Library Journal

"The real charm of Megatokyo lies in the artwork ... a style that feels light and airy, and allows for great detail.:- Animerica

Artikel details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Boeken / TPB-Manga
Publisher Dark horse
Series Megatokyo
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Komedie , Romantiek , Slice of life 
Product Code PRE-2003120059
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"l33t!" door Elisa Jokinen (Finland) op 8 nov. 2009

I was first introduced to this webcomic by my brother, who had left the megatokyo-website open after him. After reading a bit, I thought it was good, so I decided to keep reading. When my brother then had bought the first volumes of the manga, I thought "yay, I like reading manga better than sitting in front of the screen all the time!" I think Megatokyo has an interesting plot, nice drawing style and I especially like Largos l33t-speak :D Sometimes it's a bit tiring to read but in all, a good package of humor.

"Awesome humor!" door Maik Ruiter (Netherlands) op 8 sep. 2007

The fact that this manga started out as a webmanga got me into buying the first volume.
The 4 panel style of storytelling works great, and the little comments on the bottom of the pages are sometimes just as funny or interesting as the story itself! I personally love all the Largo talk in Megatokyo, all the talk about L33tness is just too funny, the way he lives in his own little world :P
Piro's character is great aswell, his relationship with Largo is so funny, and he just adds a little seriousness to the manga. With his otaku-ness, and his shyness about his art, and towards girls

To sum it up: Awesome manga! I bought volumes 2 and 3 right after finishing 1

"The first, but certainly not the last.." door Ronny Vantilt (België) op 31 jan. 2007

I started out by reading MegaTokyo online, but holding the manga in my hand is much better, especially when I'm 50 miles away from my computer.

The first 100 pages hold 2 x 2 panels, with comments below (which are sometimes funnier than the story itself). Losing this aspect starting page 104, is certainly a downer, but in return, you get a full page format!

The story holds it all: terror, sci-fi, top grade humor, multiple viewpoints, l33t-skillz and.. the power to keep any reader reading to find out what happens next.

To top it all off, you get an inside look on how MegaTokyo and its characters came to be. Absolutely beautiful art!

A must have for anyone with the slightest interest in manga!

"Twee schrijvers, 1 verhaal..." door Kim Houtzager (Nederland) op 11 sep. 2006

Toen ik Megatokyo leerde kennen, was ik eigenlijk al heel erg nieuwsgierig. Ik kwam in het midden binnenvallen, maar las het vanaf het begin. TOEN was het nog niet zo veel. Nu opnieuw beginnen met lezen zou betekenen dat ik dagen bezig ben!
Maar elke strip is de moeite waard. In het begin draaide het vooral om humor, maar nu zit er niet alleen humor in, maar zijn de personages echt gaan leven! En dat merk je al op het moment dat de tekenaar van 4 panels naar manga format gaat. Je ziet de serie groeien, de karakters, de stijl - ALLES!
En ook voor mensen die totaal geen gamers zijn (zoals ik!) kunnen er zeker van genieten!
Dat niet alleen... ik heb NeverWinter Nights gekocht omdat het in deze manga werd genoemd!

"het begin van megatokyo" door sunny day (Nederland) op 11 jun. 2006

het begin van megatokyo. je ziet hoe megatokyo zich ontwikkeld, en op elke bladzijde staat commentaar van Fred...het begin van een verslavend verhaal. deze volume is niet zo dik, maar het verhaal maakt dat weer goed.

"fantastic art, fantastic story" door mishu (UK) op 20 jun. 2004

I absolutely love megatokyo...great art and cool story...the first book sets up the story proper with piro and largo going to japan, and because it's changed format from 4 panel to 6 panel throughout the years, you get insights about the comic and story from the author (and god forbid, they're actually interesting..!)

a compelling story and a great artist too :)