Blue gender ≫ Blue gender vol 2 DVD PAL

Blue gender vol 2 DVD PAL

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Blue gender vol 2 DVD PAL

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Factors 4-6

Yuji disobeys Marlene's orders by saving a little girl's life, and discovers a group of survivors hidden among the ruins of the city. Yuji makes a promise to the little girl, Yung; that he will protect her from the Blue. But this new cause is threatened when he learns a shocking truth about his rescuers from Second Earth.

The surviving members of the Sleeper Recovery Team must enter an abandoned communications tower that is now a Blue nest in a desperate attempt to contact Second Earth. With the Blue now converging on their position, the only chance of staying alive is to draw the Blue into a fight using human survivors as bait. yuji has promised to protect Yung at any cost - but is it a promise he can keep?

Marlene and Yuji now travel on foot towards Baikonur Base. The tensions between the two come to a head, as Yuji confronts the demons that now haunt him in this nightmarish new world. As she witnesses Yuji's struggle, Marlene's own horrifying memories of the past begin to resurface. but can even Yuji's fiery emotions help to melt away Marlene's icy exterior?

Artikel details
Adult All ages
Department Video / DVD
Publisher MVM
Series Blue gender
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English
Primary language English
DVD region 2 , 4
Product Code MVM-BGEV0002
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