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Genres: Science-fiction - Action - Aventure - Comédie

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A-ko and her lifelong friend C-ko are new in the area, and are trying to get used to life at their new high school. This is not as easy as it could be considering that A-ko is a chronic oversleeper with superhuman strength and C-ko is an airhead on a scale that makes the people in Clueless look like MIT students. But a few personality quirks seem insignificant when compared to the real social difficulty facing A-ko and C-ko. Their problems are twofold: there is "D", a mysterious agent who is spying on the pair, but the more immediate problem is the alphabetically appropriate B-ko, who has her heart set upon C-ko, and is determined to win her. The only thing that stands in her way is A-ko, and she vows to employ her genius in robotics, her many loyal schoolyard minions, and her vast family wealth toward A-ko's demise. Unfortunately for her, B-ko's undertaking does not prove to be as simple as it first appears, due to A-ko's superhuman strength and fighting skill. Many battles ensue, as B-ko's brings in bigger and bigger robots--finally climaxing with her ultimate creation, a battlesuit operated by B-ko herself. This final showdown turns the school into a war zone, which would be quite an event if it weren't for a fact that a mysterious race of aliens just happens to invade earth looking to retrieve a missing princess. The final showdown between the alphabetic trio, "D", and an alien army is sure to follow.

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