Managing your orders


Each time you place an order at, a shipment is prepared based on the data of your order. This order- and shippinginformation are automatically saved and stored.

In a separate section, which you can reach through your personal account page, you will be able to consult - and if required/possible manage - your orders (with the accompanying shipmentinformation)

Viewing your outstanding shipments

In your personal account page, you'll find a link "view your outstanding orders" which refers you to all the shipments that have not yet been processed. If certain conditions are met, you will be able to combine 2 or more shipments into one joined shipment. That way, you'll be able to save a fair amount on the shippingcost.

Viewing your closed shipments

Through the link "View your closed shipments" you'll be able to look at the shipments which have been processed and shipped in the past. If you ever canceled orders, you'll also find those there. You won't do more than look though, because changing closed shipments is not possible.

A detailed view of a shipment

In the list of shipments (whether they are open or closed) you can click on the box icon or on the ordercodes. That way you'll find yourself on the detail page where you'll be shown the full contents of the selected shipment.

At the top left corner of the detailpage the shipment total is shown, with a separate notation of the ordertotal(s) and the shipping cost. That way you'll see what you need to pay (or have already paid) in a glimpse

Below the shipment total, the delivery address is shown. This is the address to which the articles will eventually be sent.

If you are making use of a carrier service (such as DPD) you'll find the tracking number below the delivery address. With this number you can follow the delivery status of your shipment through the website of the carrier service.

In the central part of the page is a complete overview of the shipment in which the following information is shown:

  • a detailed description of each order which is part of the shipment
  • information concerning the delivery

Each time the separate parts are accompanied with the necessary financial details. The totals are once again repeated in the summarizing column at the right side of the overview.

Modifying your orders

The detailed overview of your order, which you'll find the in the detailed view of your shipment, contains a number of icons which give you the opportunity - should you wish to - to make some changes. In that manner the following actions are possible:

  • cancel the order
  • remove articles from the order
  • ship the order as a separate shipment
  • reactive the order
  • confirm the order
  • assign credit to the order

Each of these icons will bring you to a separate page (except for the ship separately option, which is executed immediately) where you'll find more detailed information on the action and where you might need to take a few extra steps in order to actually perform the operation.

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Cancel an order

To cancel an order, you need to open the detailpage of the shipment to which the order belongs. In the orderdetail the following icon is shown:


If you click on this icon, the "cancel" function will be activated. You will be taken to a page where we'll ask you to confirm the operation by checking the provided checkbox. If you then click on the "cancel" button, the order will be - irreversibly - canceled. It is not possible to undo the cancel operation. The "back" button gives you the opportunity to return to the detailpage without cancelling the order.

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Combining orders

In many cases, you can combine 2 or more orders into one joint shipment. That way you will be able to save on the shipping costs.

When it's possible to combine orders, a checkbox will appear next to each of the open orders in your order overview (accessible through your account page). By checking these boxes and then clicking on the button down below, you will be able to choose which orders will be combined.

There are several moments when combining orders will be possible:

1. Pre-orders + Regular items

If you want to add extra items to your finalized preorders, check the box below the finalizing button before doing so. You will be granted a 24h time frame and the free shipping method ‘combine with other order’ will automatically be activated in the shopping basket. You will then have 24 hours to order additional regular items and after placing the new order, you can combine both orders in your order overview. Don't forget to actually combine them after placing the second order as this not done automatically!

2. Combining multiple regular orders

If you have multiple regular orders (for example, one order is waiting for restock and you place a second order for additional items in the mean time), you can combine them into one shipment as well. You will still be charged a shipping fee for each order upon placing the order, but any excess fees will automatically be refunded to your store credit the moment you combine your orders. This amount will then be made available for future purchases. The orders within a combined shipment are still charged individually, but once all goods are in stock and all payments are processed, they will be combined into one order and one single package will be dispatched to the address or parcel shop of your choice.

Please note: combining regular orders is only possible under these conditions:

  • There are at least 2 open orders
  • The open orders are not yet being processed(once an order is being processed in our warehouse, no further changes are possible)

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Remove articles from an order

As long as your order has not been processed by us, you can remove articles from it. You need to open the detailpage of the shipment to which your order belongs. In the orderdetail you will see this icon:


If you click this icon, the function "Remove items" will be activated. We will then take to you a page which shows a list of the articles in this order. Next to each article there is a checkbox. By checking those checkboxes and afterwards clicking on the button "remove", the selected articles will be - irreversibly - removed from your order. This operation cannot be undone.

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Ship an order as a separate shipment

If your shipment contains several orders, you have the option to take an order out of that shipment and have it shipped separately.

In the detailpage of your shipment all details of all the orders within that shipment are shown. If there are 2 or more orders in the shipment, you will see this icon for each order.


Immediately after you click that icon, the chosen order will be put in a separate shipment. The same address information will be used: so the original as well as the new shipment will be sent to the same address. Of course having an extra shipment implies extra shippingcosts.

If you change your mind (or did this by accident), you can combine the two shipments again.

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Reactivate an order

If you used a credit card to place your order, then that credit card will be charged once the order is ready for shipment. Sometimes it happens, that for one reason or another, we cannot charge your credit card.

In that case, your order will be temporarily blocked and you will be notified by email. You can then reactivate that order through this icon, which will be shown in the orderdetail of your order:


You will be taken to a separate page where you can reintroduce your credit card data. In case you think there is a permanent problem with your credit card (perhaps it's expired), feel free to introduce a new credit card. If you click on the button beneath the input fields, your order will be released again, and a new attempt to charge your credit card will be made.

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Confirm your order

In rare cases, certain articles can no longer be delivered by our suppliers. If that happens, we will be forced to remove such articles from your order(s). Since we have to change your order, we will put it aside for a while. We'll inform you by email of course. You can then decide for yourself if you still want the remaining articles, or if you'd rather cancel the whole order.

On the detailpage if your shipment, you can view the current state of the order. If you order has been put aside, you will see the following icon:


If you click on this icon the "confirm order" functionality will be activated. We will take you to a new page where you can confirm this action by the checking the provided checkbox. Then you will need to make a choice by clicking on one of the following buttons:

  • confirm the order
  • cancel the order entirely
  • leave this page

If you choose the "confirm order" option, the order will be released again and we'll handle it further. However, if you decide to cancel the order, it will be irreversibly canceled. If you choose to leave the page, no action will be taken.

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Assign credit to an order

If you have oustanding credit at, you can use it to pay for any outstanding orders. Partial payments are also allowed.

In the detailpage of your shipment you'll see the following icon next to the orders to which you can assign credit:


If you click on this icon, the "assign credit" page will be activated. On this page you can introduce the amount of credit you wish to use for this order. Of course you can't assign more credit than that you have on your account.

By clicking on the "assign credit" button, the amount you choose will be taken from your account and assigned to this order. The other button will take you back to the detailpage without doing anything.

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