Shopping at is very easy!

At thousands of manga- and anime-articles are being sold. Shopping at is virtually the same as shopping at your local store. In the topics below, we will show you just how easy it is to place an order at our webshop.

We also sell announced - but not yet released - articles at Would you like to be the first to obtain such an article? You can. Because at you can pre-order these articles. In a separate topic, we'll explain how this can be done.

The shopping basket

To make a purchase you will use a shopping basket, to which you'll add all the articles you wish to purchase. During your visit at our webshop you will soon notice that the following icon is shown next to each article:


If you click on this icon, you will add that particular article to the shopping basket. Because you can always change your mind, you will still be able to remove the article from the shopping basket if you want to. When you are done adding articles to the shopping basket, you are ready to proceed with buying them.

Viewing the content of your shopping basket

Before you place your order, you probably want to verify the content of your shopping basket. By clicking on the button labeled "basket" in the top right corner, you'll open the detail page of your shopping basket. This is where you verify your shopping basket one last time, before placing the actual order. On this page you can:

  • set the desired quantity for each article
  • remove an article from your shopping basket
  • remove the shopping basket entirely

You can do these operations as often as you like. You can also return to the shopping area to view and/or add other articles to your basket. For as long as you visit our website, the articles you selected will be waiting for you in your shopping basket.

The basket detail page is the (sole) entrance to the checkout proces. At the top of the article list, you'll find a button which will let you move on to the checkout proces. This button is repeated at the bottom of the list, which is easier if you have a lot of articles in your shopping basket.

Proceeding with the purchase

The checkout proces is best compared with going past a register. We require some formalities to be set. Therefore, the checkout proces consits of a few simple steps:

  • choose the desired payment method (bankdeposit, credit card, ...)
  • choose the desired shipping method (postal services, carrier service, ... )
  • provide a ship-to address
  • some financial formalities
  • a final checkpoint before the actual order placement

At you'll need to register as a customer before you can proceed with your purchase. If you've not yet registered (or if you're simply not logged on yet), you'll first be invited to so.

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The checkout proces

Once you've put all the articles you wish to purchase in your shopping basket, you can continue on to the checkout proces by clicking on the appropriate button in the basket detail page. If you're registered and logged on, you're ready to start the checkout proces.

Choosing a payment method

The first step in the checkout proces displays a list of payment methods of which you'll need to choose one:

  • Bankdeposit
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal

And depending on which country you live in, a number of the following Ogone e-commerce options:

  • iDEAL
  • Bancontact/Mister Cash

The choice you make here, will determine the rest of the steps in the order proces, since payment by bankdeposit or Ogone e-commerce is handled differently than payment by creditcard.

Choosing a shipping method

Now that you have chosen a payment method, it's time to choose from one of the available shipping methods. You can choose from:

  • Regular mail
  • UPS parcel service
  • DPD parcel service
  • Pick-up at

Your choice will once again influence the rest of the order proces. Bear in mind that not all shipping methods are available everywhere (view an overview of all shipping methods available for your country).

Providing a ship-to address (for shipment of goods)

Unless you have chosen to pick up your order at in the previous step, you will now be asked to provide a ship-to address in the 5 input fields. Of course it's important that you introduce the required information accurately, to make sure your ordered goods arrive at the correct destination.

Pick-up address details (for pick-up of ordered goods)

If you chose to pick up your order yourself at our warehouse, then we don't require a ship-to address. In stead, you'll be shown two maps which will help you find the location of where you can pick up your order.

Payment by bankdeposit

If you have chosen to pay by bankdeposit, you will now receive all the information you'll need to make the bankdeposit from your account to ours.

Every order which is placed at, recevies an unique ordercode. Don't forget to include that ordercode in the comment field when sending the bankdeposit, otherwise we cannot link your payment to your order.

Payment by credit card

If you are planning on paying by credit card, you will now be asked to input your credit card data in the 3 input fields which are shown:

  • the credit card number consisting of 16 digits
  • the expiration date
  • the name that is mentionned on the card (cardowner's name)

Please input this data carefully. If the provided data is not correct, the payment will not be executed and your order will not be processed further. Paying by credit card is completely safe and is done automatically. Not until we have collected all of your ordered articles will your credit card be charged.

Payment via Ogone e-commerce

After placing your order, you will be led to the Ogone-website, where your payment will be done using your trusted web banking module. It is therefore advised to keep the things necessary to access your web banking (e.g. your bank card, a card reader, your user ID, ... ) handy during the payment process.

Payment via PayPal

After placing your order, you will be led to the PayPal website, where the payment will be done. Keep your PayPal login and password handy.

Final check and order confirmation

You are now only one step away from placing your order. In this screen you'll once again see all data concerning your payment. Take your time to check everything again. If you need to make any changes, you can still do this now. Once you are 100% sure, one final click is required and then your order will be placed.

Managing your existing orders

At your can manage and review your existing orders through your Account page (see the link at the top of the page). More information is available in the Help topic "Managing your orders".

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How to do a pre-order?

What is a preorder exactly?

A preorder is an order for an article that hasn't been released yet. You reserve a copy to be sure to get the article when it's released.

Every preorder has an expected release date, giving an indication of when the article will be available.

All your preorders are grouped into one preorder list. When an article is released, you can transfer it to a regular order and have it shipped. You can also wait until multiple articles have been released to save on shipping costs.

Every time you do not have any preorders, we will create a new list for you. As long as you have at least one preorder, your existing list will stay. Any additional preorders will then be added to this list.

How does a preorder work?

Placing a preorder is similar to placing a regular order. Next to each product, you see the shopping basket icon. Clicking this icon will add the product to your preorder list - you can still choose the right amount in the pop-up screen.

If this is your first preorder, or if your preorder list is empty at the time, we create a new preorder list for you while a few steps will be gone through.

First, we explain what a preorder is and how things work, a bit like this text. Secondly, we ask you to choose your preferred shipping method, and thirdly, we ask you to choose your payment method.

Once preorders are being released, you can finalize them by transferring them from your preorder list to a regular order - you will see the finalize button in your preorder list. When more articles are being released at the same time, you can have them shipped together. The shipping costs are dependent on the shipping method of your choice.

When does my preorder ship?

Once one or more items are available, you will have the opportunity to finalize your preorders. You decide yourself when or how often you do this, but we do ask our customers to finalize their available preorders at least once per month. This is to avoid our warehouse becoming "overcrowded". Thank you for your understanding.

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Purchasing articles with Archonia Points

At you can also buy articles with points. While browsing the article catalogue, you will notice that for some articles, next to the regular price, there is also a "point cost" indication. If you have collected enough points, you can use them to buy such articles.

Buying articles with Points

You simply place the wanted articles in your shopping basket. In the basket detail page, you'll see an overview of all the articles you've added while shopping. If your basket contains one or more articles which can be bought by points, a small points icon will appear next to each such article. By clicking on this icon, you will indicate that you wish to use points for this article. Of course you'll need sufficient points to be able to do so.

Once you have selected to use points for an article, the points icon will be replaced by a money icon. Should you change your mind, you can click on this icon to undo the points selection and reset the article as a regular purchase.

Once you're satisfied with the contents of your shopping basket, simply use the "proceed to checkout" button to continue, just like you would otherwise. Once the order has been placed, the used points will be deducted from your points total. The remaining part of the order (regular price articles and/or shipping cost) will of course still have to be paid.

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The use of the shopping basket

The shopping basket plays a leading role in all the purchases you make at Whatever you wish to purchase, you will always start here. Every time, while shopping, you click on this button (shown below), that specific article will be added to your shopping basket.


You can add as many articles to this basket as you want. On the right hand side, you will always find an brief overview of the contents of your shopping basket, that way you will be able to see which articles are in there at all times.

The detail page

On the detail page, you will find a more detailed overview of the contents of your basket. To open the detail page, you can click on the button in the small overview on the right hand side or on the "basket" button at the top of the page. On this page you will have access to a number of options which will give you the opportunity to adjust your shopping basket to fit your needs.

Modifying quantities

Every time you add an article to the shopping basket, we assume that you only want to order one copy of that article - as mentionned on the detail page. Every article line holds an input field which contains the desired quantity of that article. By modifying the values of these inputfields, and then clicking on the button "update quantities", you will be able to set the quantities.

Removing an article from the shopping basket

You can, at any given moment, remove articles from your shopping basket. There are 2 ways to do this:

  • by clicking the red cross that's available on each article line
  • by setting a value of 0 in the inputfield and then clicking on the button "update quantities".

You can do this as often as you like.

Emptying the shopping basket

There's a button at the left bottom corner of the article list with which you can empty your shopping basket in one click. This will have the same effect as when you remove each article separately, but of course it's less of a hassle.

Buying article with points

On the shopping basket detail page you also decide which articles you wish to purchase with points. Next to each article that can be bought with points, you will find a points icon. By clicking on this icon you indicate that you wish to use your points for that specific article. Of course, you'll need to have collected enough points to meet the pointcost of the article.

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What is a subscription?

A subscription is just a convenient way to get all of the issues of a given title. When a new issue is announced and you have a subscription for that title, the new issue will automatically be added to your preorder.

Say what now?
Okay, here's an example...

Let's say you're a fan of Archo-Girl (she's fictional, but well suited for our example ) and you're following her ongoing series, which is currently up to issue #123. Since you're a fan, you preorder each new issue every month when it's announced. So every month you visit - go the Archo-Girl series page, find the latest issue and you add it to your preorder list. Every month, the same thing. Over and over again... Boring, huh?
Well, that's where subscriptions come into play... If you were to subscribe to the Archo-Girl series, every month, when each new preorder issue is announced, that new issue will automatically be added to your preorder.

Now, you might say: "That's not such a big difference, is it?". Okay, just imagine you're a fan of not just Archo-Girl, but also of 10 other titles. Each month, you'd have to look up each title, find the latest addition, add it to your preorder and then go on to the next. 10 titles, every...single...month.... Tedious work for sure! If you subscribe to all 10, we do all the work for you! You just check your preorder list to see if everything is as it should be and you're done! Pretty fancy, don't you think?

Yes, it is! Now how do I subscribe?

There are two starting points for subscribing to a series:

  1. The "View all available subscriptions" list

    You will find the link in the menu-bar under the "home" tab, or you can just click here. On that page you will find an overview of all the titles to which you can subscribe. Just click on the "subscribe" button to get started.

  2. Series detail page

    On a series detail page you will also see all the different titles and if available, the subscribe button will be shown there as well. Click on it to get started.

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