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Something is damaged, what can I do?

We always try to package your items as carefully as possible, but sometimes things happen beyond our control. Don't panic, just send us an email at with the following information:

  • your order code;
  • the specific product that was damaged;
  • some pictures of the damage.

We will then take necessary action. Please don't send us items back before getting a response, sometimes sending back isn't the best way.

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How can I send items back ?

For clarity, this answer isn't about sending back damaged goods, it is about sending back items for which you changed your mind.

In general, it is always possible to send items back, getting a full refund is (of course) something else entirely.

Our returns policy is detailed in our help pages. Read this information carefully!, but we'll repeat most important rules of thumb:

  • Items should be in new condition
  • Books should be unread (so no bent backs)
  • If you have opened the box of an item or taken off the plastic wrapping, we won't automatically be able to give you a full refund.

Our return address is:

Archonia NV
Wetenschapspark 4/3
3590 Diepenbeek

Remember to include your order code, so we can link you to the products.

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Can I combine preorders with normal orders?

Combining orders depends on the payment method you have chosen. For the moment, it is possible to combine preorders and normal orders when you use Credit Card or Bankdeposit. To make this option available for other payment methods is in the pipeline.

It works as follows: you finalize your preorders and turn them into a normal order, you place your backorder normally (in another order), and combine the two newly created orders via your account pages (under "Track your orders").

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How can I ship orders together ?

You can combine orders via your account pages, if you have chosen Bankdeposit or Credit Card as payment options. You'll find all the necessary steps under "Track your orders".

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Will all my items only be shipped when everything is in stock?

In general, the answer is yes. Items listed as "in stock" are available here in our warehouse, and can get sent out fairly quickly. Items listed as "out of stock" or "in stock at supplier" will be ordered in for you. We keep our catalog synchronized with our suppliers' catalogs, therefore we try to only offer items that are available. Mostly this makes for reasonable waiting times.

In case the waiting time greatly exceeds the prementioned time, we can split off the items that are in stock and send them already out to you. Therefore, if you are in a hurry to receive items, better make separate orders for items in stock and items not in stock.

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My parcel has been on the way for way too long, how come?

To answer this question, your account page, and especially the section "Track your orders" is of great help.

The first question you should ask yourself is: has my order already been shipped? It might very well be that we are still backordering items for your order. You can find this information in the "Track your orders" section: click on your order code to see an overview, whether it has been shipped or not, is visible there.

Secondly: which shipping method did you use? If you used any kind of courier shipping, you should be able to track your package via "Track your orders" section. Click on the order code to see an overview, where you can find your tracking number and a link to the online tracking page of the courier.

If you have used regular mail, there is a third question to be asked: Where do you live? If you live in the Benelux, regular mail mostly takes up to a week. The further you go, the longer it can take. Parcels to France and Germany have been known to be on the way as long as 4 weeks, while parcels to the United States are regularly underway for more than six weeks. At any rate, it can always be useful to check your local post office - the little papers mailmen use to alert you of their passage often get lost.

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Do articles which are "currently not available" come back in stock?

We try to keep our catalog as up to date as possible, and we always try to synchronize with our suppliers regarding stock.

Still, sometimes we haven't gotten around yet to check the status of sold out items, which leaves the "currently not available" flag up.

As a general rule, DVD's, single issue comics and PVC figures very seldomly come back available, whereas mangas, trade paperbacks and merchandise items have a much better chance on a reprint.

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Do you ship to my country ?

The answer to this question is quite straightforward:

When you create an account, under the step "country", there is a drop-down list of possibilities. If your country is on the list, we can ship to you.

The reasons why we choose not to ship to certain countries are mostly among the following:

  • The shipping costs are far too high
  • The country is infamous for credit card fraud

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What with customs? Can they charge me extra costs?

If you're in the European Union, there will be no customs charge, plain and simple.

For countries outside the EU, the situation is different.

If you're outside the EU, you won't pay VAT, so your customs office may charge you import taxes, which will mostly be payable on delivery.

Using courier shipping methods will mostly mitigate this problem, as the customs fees are already included in the shipping fee.

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My Bankdeposit hasn't arrived yet, but the money was already taken from my account, how come ?

It mostly takes a few days between the money going from your account and it actually arriving on ours. Unfortunately enough, that is the way it goes. Also, bear in mind that sometimes weekends and bank holidays might slow down the money transfer even more.

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How do I pay for preorders ?

When you're not using credit card as a payment method, a small advance payment is required to permanently reserve your preorders. You can pay it as follows:

  • Go to your preorder overview page at
  • At the top left of the page, under "your preorder list", you can see "pay required advance". Clicking this link will lead you to the payment site, or it will give you the necessary information.

You can always pay more than the minimum required amount for reservation - just fill in the appropriate amount.

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How come my preorder items can't always be cancelled?

Some preorder articles we offer have a preorder cutoff date, this is the date when we at Archonia place our orders with our suppliers. It is possible to cancel preorder items before this preorder cutoff date. Click the appropriate button in your preorder list to remove items from the list and effectively cancel your preorder. The preorder cutoff date is mentioned on the article detail page.

Once the preorder cutoff date has passed, preorder items cannot be cancelled any more. This is because once the cutoff date has passed, we at Archonia have placed our own orders with our suppliers, and they don't allow cancellations.

Some items don¿t have a preorder cutoff date, for these items, the restrictions on cancellations don't apply.

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I have credit left, can I get it refunded to my account?

This is generally not a problem, just provide us with your bank account details (under IBAN and BIC format) or your PayPal address.

Do note our refund policy though, which you can find here.

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Can I order or reserve items via email?

To be blunt: no. Sadly enough, we can't place orders for you, mostly because of legal reasons. We're very sorry about that.

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What is Wave 1 and Wave 2 ?

A Wave 1 article is a premium article, imported from our fastest and most reliable Japanese supplier. It will be available at about the same time as it is released in Japan (1-2 week delay max). Quantities for these items are always limited and most items are only available through preorder. If you want your figure as soon as possible after it is released in Japan, then this is the best option for you.

A Wave 2 article is imported straight from Japan by a European or US importer and will be available a month or more after the release in Japan. Quantities for these items are always limited. If you want your figure at the best possible price and don't mind waiting a bit, then this is the best option for you.

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What are these Region 1/2 and Region A/B codes?

DVD's and Blu-rays are often given a regional code, you can find more information about that in our help pages.

As a rule of thumb: as a European, you should always be able to play Region 2 DVD's and Region B Blu-rays on your regular run-of-the-mill player. For Region 1 DVD's and Region A Blu-rays, you need an appropriate player. If you're not sure to be able to play a Region 1 or Region A disc, please check the manual of your player first - once you have opened the package of a DVD/Blu-ray to try it out in your player, we won't be able to take it back any more.

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Can I sell my comics collection to Archonia?

We only sell new comics, so no second hand comics. Therefore, we never buy comics from private collections.

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The release date of my comic preorder has been pushed back for several months! What gives?

When a comic is delayed by the publisher but our supplier is not given a new release date, they randomly pick a date in the future. They choose from two dates: last week of June or the last week of December. So this basically means: "it should be released somewhere between now and then but we don't know when".

To further complicate matters, only the most recent comics are updated. So the next issue is most likely also delayed, but it's information has not been updated yet. It will however be updated as it initial release date draws near.

The delayed issue should arrive way sooner than it's new "fake" release date, but unfortunately we have no idea when exactly, the information is seldom updated again. Only in the week that it arrives, do we know it's coming.

If it helps, when a comic is delayed, it's usually re-scheduled to somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks from it's initial release date.

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How do vouchers work?

To use a voucher, take the following steps:

  • Choose the products you like and add them to your basket
  • In your basket, enter the voucher code at the top right of the screen
  • Done!

Please do note that vouchers are a discount on your order. If the total amount of your order is smaller than the voucher value, the remaining voucher value will be lost. Two vouchers cannot be combined in the same order, many vouchers have a minimum order value, and most (if not all) vouchers are one use only. If you have further questions or problems with your vouchers, you can always contact us.

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How does the advance payment for preorders work?

As a general rule, the advance payment for preorders is simply the price of the items.
For clients preordering for larger amounts, we allow a small caveat: unless the total amount of items in preorder exceeds 500 euros, an advance payment of 50 euros is enough to reserve all your items in preorder.
Once you get past 500 euros, the advance payment amounts to 10% of the value of the items.

A few examples:
- Suppose you preorder a figure of 35 euros. The advance payment due is 35 euros, straight and simple.
- If you preorder a second figure of 35 euros, for 70 euros total, then an advance payment of 50 euros suffices - the total amount is lower than 500.
- If you then preorder twenty of these figures, for a total amount of 700 euros, your advance payment is 70 euros or 10 per cent, since you exceeded 500 euros.

You are of course always free to pay all your preorders in full, to avoid the hassle of extra transactions.

This system used to be slightly different before March 2013, but don't worry, no reservations will be lost with this transition. This change was made by popular demand of the customers, to avoid the sometimes many small transactions that could occur.

Do note, when paying by credit card, you don't need to pay an advance.

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My order is missing an item, what do I do?

Archonia takes great care in packaging your order. If you notice that an item is missing from your order and weren't notified about this prior to shipment, please report this within 7 days of receipt of your order. Together with you, our support team will try to find a solution for the problem.

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