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Adventure Duo Episodes 1-3 DVD PAL
Episode 1. A Second World War computer is dug up from the ground of Daizo Hanyu's house during its reconstruction. His son Norikazu, plugs his cartridge into the machine and suddenly the program begins to overrun, blowing him away. This is the start of a cyber-nightmare. The adventure and trail of the ADVENTURE DUO has only just begun...

Episode 2. What happened in Japan 50 years ago? What is the secret behind Midori? Norizaku and Midori's dangerous and naughty time slip has begun... 14th August 1945, the Second World War, Japan was fighting a losing battle. Dr Masago was analysing the effect of the new bombs that had devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki and was distraught by the demonic substance that humanity had created.

Episode 3. As the mad Masago has been destroyed delivering the real world from his computer - generated nightmare, life can now return to normal? Not quite... Masago's universe still exists and Norizaku's computer can still open a doorway into it. Embarrassed that his own son is now the servant of a mere human, the King of Hell dispatches his inept agent Mephisto to bring Kingan home.

Running time: 110 minutes. Region ALL.

Gunbuster DVD PAL
Gunbuster is the saga of an Earth invasion by monstruous space creatures. Noriko Takaya is a young girl struggling to be part of the Earth Space Force like her legendary father. Surprisingly Noriko is chosen to join the force, but is challenged by a school rival who sets out to prove she was only picked because of her father's legend. Under the guidance of Coach Ota and "Big Sister" Kazumi Amano, Noriko must face the challenge and master the skills of mecha combat in order to fight the alien threat.

Running time: 165 minutes. Region ALL.

Ninja scroll DVD PAL UK
Feudal Japan - a time of danger, intrigue and deception. Jubei is a masterless ninja who travels the land alone, hiring his services to those with gold ... or a worthy cause.

His fearsome abilities have served him well, but a hideous plot to overthrow the government threatens to end his wandering ways - and possibly his life. When a small village succumbs to a terrible plague, a team of ninja are sent to investigate, and realise that all is not as it seems. Ambushed, they are wiped out by a fearsome man-monster with incredible powers, leaving only one alive - Kagero, a beautiful female ninja, whose touch can bring instant death. Jubei saves her from a fate worse than death, and unwittingly becomes drawn into the web of treachery. He is soon faced with his greatest challenge - an enemy for whom death holds no fear, with the power to destroy Jubei's world.

It's an all-out bloodbath when ninja warriors come face-to-face in this action-packed tribal war.

Running time: 94 minutes. Region 2 - PAL.

Perfect blue DVD PAL
"An amazing feat of animation, a stylish psychological thriller... creates an increasingly terrifying world and pulls you into it with the effectiveness of a Hitchcock suspense classic" - Kevin Thomas, LA Times

In the world of make believe - the price of fame may not be worth the cost of identity

pop singer Mima Kirigoe looks forth to a bright new career when she quits her chart-topping trio to become an actress. When she lands a role in a sexually charged murder mystery, Mima"s life begins to fall apart. Reality and hallucinations merge into a terrifying netherworld where innocence is lost and dreams become nightmares.

Quickly descending into a dangerous state of paranoid delusions, Mima discovers Internet sites describing every intimate detail of her life. Helpless and afraid, she watches as her associates are threatened and killed by a mysterious stalker.

In the tradition of great suspense masters, director Satoshi Kon (Memories), special advisor Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Madhouse Studios (Ninja scroll), bring Yoshikazu Takeuchi's thrilling suspense novel to the screen, in a tour de force that brings animation to a bold new level.

  • Digitally mastered
  • Dolby digital 5.1 Surround Sound English
  • English and Japanese audio
  • English subtitles
  • Interview with director Satoshi Kon
  • Voice-actor Interviews
  • Original Theatrical trailer
  • Musical Photo Gallery
  • Behind-the-Scenes Performances
  • Bonus Audio Track
  • Manga 2000 Previews
  • Manga Web Link
  • Region 2 - PAL

Street Fighter alpha DVD PAL
A black cloud hangs over Ken and ryu's reunion. Brought together by the mysterious death of their master, the two warriors must overcome a challenge unlike any they've faced before. increasingly disturbed by the dark energies building within him, Ryu is unexpectedly confronted with the appearance of Shun - a boy claiming to be the long-lost brother he never knew. Soon, signs of their common lineage are revealed as Shun enters a martial arts competition and displays the same power of the Dark Hadou.

But before Ryu has the chance to consider wether Shun's timely appearance might be more than coincidental, the boy is kidnapped by agents of the insidious Shadowlaw organization. To recover Shun, Ryu must undertake the ultimate journey of self-discovery and learn to control the power threatening to sonsume him.

But with his confidence waning, will he have what it takes to confront Akuma - the vicious lord of the Dark Hadou himself? Find out as allies old and new join forces against a sinister new threat in this pulse-pounding sequel to the popular Street Fighter II V Series.

  • Digitally remastered 4X3 transfer
  • Motion menus
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound English
  • Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound Japanese
  • In English and Japanese languages
  • English subtitles
  • Interviews
  • The Making of Street Fighter Alpha
  • Street Fighter Alpha trailer
  • Web link
  • Manga DVD previews and trailers
  • Region 2 - PAL
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