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Genres: Romance - Magical girl

Interest group: Shojo - girls

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Time stranger Kyoko is a new manga from Tanemura Arina, the author of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Ion. It's a very a comical story, but it can change fast from the funny mood to a serious one.

The main character is Kyoko- princess of the 'Earth Nation'. Until now her status was kept in secret. When she turns 16, what's will happen very soon, she will be presented to the whole nation as their princess. She doesn't like it, because up to now she was living as an ordinary girl, attending just a normal high school. She doesn't want it to be changed, but it looks like she'll have to take responsibility as the princess. However a few days before her birthday, her father-the king, tells her how she can change her fate. She has to awake her sleeping sister Ui. By waking her, Ui will become the princess of the Earth nation instead of Kyoko. But that's not easy- Ui is sleeping from the time of her birth, because there's a large clock-seal under her bed. It was created by the God of Time- Chronos. She has to remove the clock, but it cannot be done in the physical way. She has to collect God Stones and people with special abilities. But first of all, she has to become a master of the stone which was also under Ui's bed- somehow she has to make the Stone accept her. She decides she'll do it, not only to save her life as an ordinary girl, but also to meet her long awaited sister, to talk with her, see the colors of her eyes...

The next day, when Kyoko is at school, some gang appears in front of the building. The Princess and her bodyguards decide to leave for the palace, because it's too dangerous to stay there, but suddenly Kyoko notices that her close friend, Karen is in danger. Not thinking about her own security she jumps down from the roof to protect her. However, she realizes she cannot do much without revealing her identify. In that moment she understands her responsibilities as princess and she wants to protect these people as her friends and her nation. She introduces herself as the princess Kyoko of the 'Earth Nation'. To her surprise, in that moment the God Stone from the Ui's bed recognizes her as a noble person and accepts her as its master. From this time on, even though Kyoko revealed her true self, she decides to keep searching for the rest of God stones and its masters, to awake her sleeping sister.

Time stranger Kyoko manga

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