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Years ago, the Byakuro castle was invaded and its inhabitants slaughtered by the evil Kabusu ninja. Few escaped, but among them was the infant Byakuro Princess. She is no ordinary girl; when she uses a certain mystic scroll, she can call upon untold power, enough to conquer Japan, and possibly the entire world. But although the princess escaped, the scroll remains within Byakuro castle, now controlled by the Kabusu. The Kabusu are not unaware of the incredible power that the Byakuro princess, now a young ninja cadet, possesses, and they are determined to capture her and use her abilities for their own evil purposes. Meanwhile, the Byakuro are preparing to recapture their scroll, so that they might use its power to retake their lost lands and revenge themselves on the Kabusu. But there are only two Byakuro ninja now; one, a survivor of the original slaughter, is crippled, and the other, his son Kaoru, is incapable of recapturing the scroll on his own. But the Byakuro do have a group of young Ninja Cadets--the Princess among them--who are ready for their final test. The test: Simply recapture the scroll from the occupied castle (and you get to keep any other cool magical scrolls you find). The cadets are: Sakura, master of the sword and shuriken, and nemesis of Matsuri, deadly with her fists, hotheaded, and afraid of frogs; Hayashi, quiet, pale, and a skilled chemist and master of explosives; Pochi, young but a very brave and capable swordsman; and Yume, who's... a good cook. Not much for the ninja arts, she mostly looks forward to living a quiet life as the wife of Kaoru (much to the dismay of the other cadets). These young but brave souls are out to become true ninja, and bring honor back to the Byakuro clan.

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