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Genres: Fantasy - Comedy - Adventure - Romance - Isekai (Other world)

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Like a dream from a time faraway, a sweet memory lingers from the past. Like a kingdom that you reach, after many years of dreaming. El-Hazard is the eternal homeland, and the land of never-ending adventures. As long as there is a challenging spirit, and a readiness to fly into infinity The gate to El-Hazard shall be opened for you across millions of nights. Who says there are no new legends? The storyteller's drum never stops beating, it just swings to a little different tune. Come, sit by the modern fire of the glowing screen, and be drawn with our young rivals Makoto and Jinnai to a far off world -- the magnificent world of El-Hazard! The award-winning artists who brought you 'Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki' have created a world as bizarre and yet as familiar as you've ever dared visit. Inhabit the darkly fabulous city of Roshtaria, meet the enchanting and deadly priestesses of Mount Muldoon, experience the desperate struggle for the 'Eye Of God' between El-Hazard's human inhabitants and the relentless insectoid Bugrom, find out how you look in a dress. Come and see how childhood games, like fairy tales, become far deadlier, sometimes funnier and certainly stranger when they become real, since heroes don't always choose the roles they are to play. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll itch, you'll scratch. And you will come away from this world knowing a little more about your own.

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El-Hazard The Wanderers DVD Anime ElementsEl-Hazard The Wanderers DVD Anime Elements

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