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Genres: Romance - Action

Keywords: Paranormal

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The series started with Kaede disappearing in a pillar of light in search of her destiny. Kaede is of the Kushinada bloodline hence her power to stop the awakening of the Aragamis. But then, Kaede has a twin sister, a younger one who's not as serious and always an airhead. She's Momiji Fujimiya. Her lively and positive nature are totally different from Kaede and thus was loved by the bureau members who were working with Kaede then. The easiest way to kill the Aragami is to sacrifice the Kushinada princess aka Momiji or Kaede but then the Bureau refuses as they respect human life. Then the Aragami found a way to kill the Kushinadas without affecting them. All of a sudden appears the protector of the Kushinada, Kusanagi. They slowly develop a bond and even more when Momiji was implanted with a blue seed meant for Kusanagi. Due to Kusanagi's feelings for Kaede he could not feel Momiji's feelings. As usual, the daily battles against awakened Aragamis has put the bureau on so much pressure as they are suppose to also keep it a secret from the public. Things get more complicated when Kaede appears with Susano-oh indicating they will bring a new Tokyo filled with greens and hope. Thus started the real fight, a fight between sisters, one who is filled with despair and the other filled with hope.

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