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Animeplay DVD - Animamundi: Dark Alchemist

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Count Georik Zaberisk has achieved fame and fortune as personal physician to the King of Hartland, but the poor health of his sister Lillith - who has been frail since birth - forces him to resign early, and he resigns himself to spending his life as a local aristocrat. But one day, when Georgik is away from his manor, Lillith is accused of witchcraft by an angry mob of villagers. They assault her, and chopping off her head and burning her body. Georik eventually manages to retrieve her head, and to his surprise, discovers that it is still alive. Desperate to make his sister whole again, Georik transfers her head from the body of one young woman to the next, but the transplant is rejected each time. His days are spent mired in frustration and worry. Then, one day, Georgik learns about homunculi, artificial humans that can supposedly be created through alchemy. However, the kingdom of Hartland embraced a technological civilization and modernized centuries ago, and in doing so outlawed the dark arts. Sorcerers and alchemists were banished from the realm long ago, but a few still remain, practicing their craft in secret. If discovered, they are branded traitors and sentenced to a gruesome execution. But to save his sister, Georik has no choice but to move deeper and deeper into the forbidden world of alchemy...

Publisher:Hirameki int 

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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5Herecy, conspiracy, alchemy, clones, demons, black sabbaths, torture... whatever could I want more? - 13 May, 2008
By Aisthesis (Netherlands)
Be aware that Animamundi is a Visual Novel-game, thus you get very very very little action. The game is entirely made up out of reading dialogues, monologues and the occasional storytelling. The only thing you actually get to do, is to make choices within a certain amount of time, which will effect the ending of the game. Cause believe me when I say that there are many endings. The playstyle is entirely as the term Visual Novel implies: a story, laid out in front of you for you to enjoy. The kind of books where you get to decide the main character's action ("Should X enter the cave, turn to page 75. Should X seek refuge for the night instead, turn to page 40), are the most compatible to compare with a Visual Novel. That being said, Animamundi is one of the best games I have played so far. The artwork is not normally something you would call attractive, but combined with the dark, twisted plot and the threatening, dangerous music, it becomes truely mesmerizing. Speaking of music, this game has got to have one of the most amazing soundtracks out there. The voice of Katakiri Rekka (singer of the Opening and Ending Theme, as well as the voice actress for Timothy), sucks you into the world of Animamundi the minute the opening movie starts. The various background music give the characters and unfold situations just the right touch; dark music is heard when a bad event is triggered, and light, cheerful music is played when one of the good guys comes on screen. Returning to the plot, I found it the second most enjoyable aspect of the game. Not only does it suck you right in, only to not let go until you've reached an end, but it is so well-written, that it simply sticks with you, no matter how long ago it was since you've last played it. The most enjoyable aspect of the game, however, are the characters. Many characters appear in the game, all with an own personality, background and motivation, and all with a different explorable relation to the main character Georik. Characters that you at first appear to hate, turn out to be one of the most pitiable persona of Animamundi. The creators simply don't give you a reason to hate any of them. Yes, some are more than dubious (*cough*crazy doctor*cough*), but when you choose your answers right, you discover an aspect of them that cannot do anything else than demand your sympathy. I myself find a certain redhead the most outstanding personage of all, especially due to his endings. Coming back to the endings, these define all what Animamundi is. Yes, there are far more boyXboy situations than boyXgirl, but to me, that only adds up to the game. Though there is a certain amount of bad endings you can get when giving a wrong answer to a given question, these are by far overshadowed by the happy ones. The latter are of the sort to just sit back, grab a bucket of ice-cream and enjoy the scene with an ear-to-ear-smile on your face while letting out an enamoured sigh. There is one particular ending, however, that is just plain nerve-wrecking, since it is VERY VERY VERY BAD (!!!) and, most agonizing of all, is for 100% the most easiest ending to get. The only way to avoid this BAD ending, is to enlarge your alchemy-inventory by playing the game a few times over, which causes some negative points in my opinion. But Aisthesis! Then why the 5 stars? Simple; the reason I gave Animamundi 5 stars in spite of a quite aggravating negative aspect, is because the positive aspects of the game by far overshadow it. Those feel-good-aspect are after all what makes Animamundi so outstanding, and are of such a great calibre, that I even forgot about that corrosing aspect all together. For a little while, anyway. All in all, if there is any game out there that deserves 5 stars, it is without a single doubt in my mind, Animamundi. There is a reason why only the best of the best voice actors of Japan were hired for the job, people.

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