Akira ≫ Akira original soundtrack

Akira original soundtrack

Akira original soundtrack

Akira original soundtrack

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Based on the landmark sci-fi anime movie by creator Katsuhiro Otomo (Memories, Spriggan) and featuring 10 incredibly unconventional and meticulously crafted instrumental tracks, the Akira Symphonic Suite Soundtrack has been remastered to give Akira fans and Neo-Tokyo residents a true visceral listening experience! Approximate running time: 69 minutes.

Détails du produit
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department jouets et modèles / CD
Publisher Geneon Entertainment
Series Akira
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Cyberpunk 
Product Code PRE-2004054456
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"Perfect" par Django (Belgium) le 19 mai 2005

I never bought this cd at Archonia but if i had knew they existed allready back then i definitly would have since it would have saved me almost 8€ (thats a new manga T-T)

If you are just wondering if all of the music from the movie is in this soundtrack the answer is YES and all of it is greatly expanded!

The jazztune at the shoppingmall with the terrorist explosion isnt included but i dont think anyone even remembers it
below i added some info on duration, when the tracks get played and how some tracks r constructed etc..

1. Kaneda 3:11
The intro song of the movie played near the beginning when Kaneda and his gang are chasing the Clowns

2. Battle Against Clown 3:37
Heard during the chase scenes near the beginning with the clowns (Kaneda and Joker heading towards eachother)

3. Winds Over The Neo-Tokyo 2:48
Plays during the brief scene where Tetsuo finds Kaori with her laundrybasket and have a drink at the industrial looking complex, sad they used so litlle of it during the film.

4. Tetsuo 10:18
Definitly my second favorite track, its the melancholic percussiontrack you always hear when you see Tetsuo in the research facility

5. Doll's Polyphony 2:55
Song heared during Tetsuo's first encounter with all of the 3 Espers(Kyoko, Takashi and Masaru) in a seriously deranged form(giant bunny, toy car and teddy bear remember?) like most of the tracks on this cd its a lil bit bigger and more constructed as a whole song

6. Shoumyou 10:12
My least favorite track of the whole ost, never even listen to it and cant even place it in the movie..

7. Mutation 4:49
This is a tricky track as it containt 2 sections that support the mutation scenes
the first two minutes contain the music that plays at the olympic stadium when we see Tetsuo's new "form" generating and going out of control against the colonel in front of Kaori
to me the first piece only works as ambience in the movie
the second piece @ 2:40 starts the track that plays when Tetsuo comes back from destroying SOL and regenerates his arm(best scene ever)
dont forget this track
when it hits 02:40 its absolutely beautifull!

8. Exodus From The Underground Fortress 3:19
great track with a rock feel to it mixed with traditional percussion instrument
heard during the scene where Kaneda and Kaori infiltrate the underground base in search of Tetsuo

9. Illusion 13:57
Favorite track
has 3 parts
first part is the music that plays during the "memory scenes" from Tetsuo and Kaneda
the 2 other parts arent heard in the movie but are great additions especially the last 3 minutes

10. Requiem 14:27
this track captures ALL of the elements of all of the other tracks and is composed in such a way that the last minute will bring many fans of the movie into watery eyes
its that perfect!