Rurouni Kenshin ≫ Samurai X OVA collection DVD

Samurai X OVA collection DVD

Samurai X OVA collection DVD

Samurai X OVA collection DVD

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Ninteenth century Japan: a land torn by warfare and rebellion, where small bands of soldiers seek to overthrow the tyrannical Tokugawa Shogunate. Enter Kenshin, a young orphan whose fighting skills were honed by the great swordsman Hiko. But Kenshin's soul is embattled much like the killing fields of Japan, his hopes for a new world peace at odds with his life of blood and killing.

This 3-disc collection includes all 6 episodes from the Samurai X original animated video specials Samurai X: Trust, Samurai X: Betrayal and Samurai X: Reflection.

Détails du produit
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department vidéo / DVD
Publisher Section 23
Series Rurouni Kenshin
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Genre Comédie , Drame , Samourai
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2003113846
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"What a release......." par Winkelkar (Belgium) le 21 févr. 2004

Rurouni Kenshin, or Samurai X if you prefer, is not one of the newer series available but despite that it is extremely addictive and it's a very good show if you want to get introduced to anime and manga. But beware. The tv show has alot of humor in it and the character art is more cartoon like. These OVA's go for extreme realism which also means no funny facial expressions or funny moments. But that's ok because otherwise it would severly drop the level of the OVA's.

Trust and Betrayal tell us what happened to Shinta AKA Kenshin before we see him in the series. We get to see how Seijuro Hiko found him and how he got his name. We also get to see what kind of life he led. A very harshand bitter life full of pain and misery if I may add to that. But there's luckily a ray of light in his life: Tomoe. But how and why you'll have to see for yourself. I think it's the same with Berserk. I can explain it but I don't think anyone wants to read an explanation of an half an hour. So I'll skip with the short synopsis because you can also read it in the product info and on the back of the DVD cases.


Wow....... This is definitely together with my Berserk Box of War box the most beautiful set yet.The main colour is black and the Samurai X logo is a beautifully printed glossy logo. On the top it says "The Collection" in plain white print. The top has a small picture of a samurai who has his sword drawn. The side features a pic of young Kenshin during his Hitokiri days. The bottom has information about the running time, the company who produced it and the eps, etc.
A very nice touch is the, don't know how to say it, transparent paper ribbon. It mentiones the special features, some background info and what's inside of the box, again. It folds into the box and can easily be removed if you're scared it'll torn.

DVD cases:

A very simple but attractive cover with a pic of half of Kenshin's face on with the Samurai X logo. The back has a pic of half of Kaoru's face plus the short synopsis and the list of special features. The main colour they used is grey-ish white tint. On the inside we see some really nice screenshots plus again a short synopsis (what are we stupid???? lol)

The front features Kenshin with the Shinsen Gumi behind him. and a red moon. The main colour in the front is definitely black and teh back is a full red background with black letters and again the Shinsen Gumi, in silhouette drawn. Again here the synopsis and the lsit of special features.

This time the background on the front cover is mainly blue. The center features Kenshin and Tomoe back to back with behind them their little cottage. The back has a full light blue background with black letters and same as previous DVD's.

Picture and sound quality:
Really a feast for the senses. The picture is really sharp without any noticeable blurr or pixels or grain or whatsoever. The colours are everywhere in balance so it's not like some parts are too dark or too bright. The colours also are enough saturated without becoming too full or too shallow. Also a very very positive note is that this realease is fully remastered so this means as wel as English as Japanese Audio tracks are in full 5.1 surround sound!!!! Aaaaaah the joy people...... Really.... If you own a home cinema set then turn those speakers up because this boxset just screams for decent audio and video hardware!

Quick note: The music scores are masterpieces.... I really can't get enough of the themes and BGM's. If you ever get the chance to buy the soundtrack on DVD then don't skip the chance because I know you'll regret it....

These OVA's are really sad OMG you almost start to cry when you watch either of the three and especially Reflection. If you haven't seen these movies are any other good drama anime you can't possibly say it isn't. It's hard to imagine but if you watched the entire tv show and then reflection you'll definitely understand why. I think it's ebcause these characters are so human. They hurt, they cry, they laugh, they hide their emotions, they're scared to be hurt, they chase their loved ones, they train to get stronger, they protect their loved ones, they fight for a better future for their loved ones,.... Who doesn't recognise himself or herself in any of these things? If not you're either alien or a robot and if the last one is the case, then ask for an emotions program. If you've seen or own teh tv show then this is a must have. I can't imagine anyone having everything of Kenshin besides this. Then you're really stupid....

So in short don't let this masterpiec skip because they rarely come as good as this. Really.