Series not available ≫ Zone of the enders vol Idolo 1 DVD

Zone of the enders vol Idolo 1 DVD

Zone of the enders vol Idolo 1 DVD

Zone of the enders vol Idolo 1 DVD

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The year is 2167. Deep in a hidden laboratory, the Martians are testing new weapons technology that's going to blow Earth away! Hotshot pilot Lieutenant Radium Lavans is taking charge of a program to lead the fight against Earth's oppressive rule - or is the program taking charge of him? The mineral substance used to power this secret weapon has a mind of its own! As the UNSF works to thwart a possible Martian uprising, the Orbital Frame project development team has no time to lose! Will Radium be able to force the idolo beta unit to choose a noble destiny, or will the power of Metatron consume him completely?

Détails du produit
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department vidéo / DVD
Publisher Section 23
Series Series not available
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Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2002073718
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"A decent slice of sci-fi anime." par V. Krätke (Netherlands) le 6 avr. 2005

Zone of Enders: Idolo is much better than it has any right to be. A one-shot OAV with a short running time and its roots in a Japanese video game (a shooting game even, in this case) sounds like your typical recipe for disaster. Yet ZoE: Idolo pulls off a perfectly serviceable bit of sci-fi action despite these trappings. Anime clichés abound (there's hostility between Earth and colonies in outer space that's straight out of Gundam, and the über-powerful mech with vaguely religious overtones is swiped from Evangelion) but not everything needs to re-invent the wheel in order to be good. In its short runtime, ZoE: Idolo manages to flesh out its world and characters rather well, and presents a conflict that's involving enough for the viewer to care about. The animation is perfectly serviceable, but never truly dazzling. Nevertheless, I liked the smooth, yet pleasingly unglorified character designs. The DVD also includes some words from the OAV's creative staff, but they remain pretty vague throughout their little talks. It's a bigger number of extras than what you'd expect for a relatively obscure nugget such as this, though.
You'll probably get a lot more out of this if you're an avid fan of the Zone of Enders games, but this isn't necessary to follow or enjoy the OAV. I'm only vaguely familiar with the apparently very complex world of the Zone of Enders games (having played the Game Boy version, I recognised some mecha designs and concepts, such as the Metatron mineral - how this all relates to the anime eludes me, however) but it never felt as if the OAV was leaving me in the dark. The OAV also serves as a prequel of sorts to the Zone of Enders: Dolores TV series, so fans of the TV series, and those planning to check the TV series out would do well to give this OAV a look. To others, this is a good rental, or decent buy if you love the trappings of sci-fi anime. ZoE: Idolo is nothing earth-shattering, but it's perfectly competent at what it does.

"Cool" par Jonathan Rieck (Nederland) le 25 janv. 2004

The first story of z.o.e it is a must have for fans.
you see the first OF ever build