Neon Genesis evangelion ≫ Neon genesis evangelion tome 02

Neon genesis evangelion tome 02

Neon genesis evangelion tome 02

Neon genesis evangelion tome 02

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An 2000. Un astéroïde frappa la Terre, provoquant un cataclysme sans précédent. Les humains qui survécurent construisirent une nouvelle ville, Tokyo-3, et s'apprêtaient à vivre enfin en paix lorsque de mystérieuses créatures appelées " Anges " apparurent, semant la terreur et la destruction.

Enfin, la N.E.R.V. obtient ce qui faisait le plus défaut : un pilote. Grâce à son habileté et ses instincts, Shinji, aux commandes du robot de combat EVA-01, repousse un premier assaut. Mais, à peine la victoire fêtée, un nouvel Ange encore plus destructeur et toujours aussi mystérieux se présente aux portes de Tokyo-3...

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Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Glenat
Series Neon Genesis evangelion
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language French
Product Code GLE-NGET0002
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"Whoah, déja vu..." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Apr 18, 2006

If you're at all planning to buy this book, there's a good chance you've already seen the entire Evangelion TV series. If so, you'll notice the events of this book are almost exactly the same as in episodes three and four of the TV series. There are a few tiny differences between this and the animated version, but it's largely the same story all over again. Sadamoto's art looks good and the book is a pleasant read, but I felt as though I was reading a summary of two TV episodes that I already knew. Ask yourself this; haven't you already seen the events of this book on TV? Heck, considering Evangelion's insane popularity, you may well own these episodes on a brand-spanking deluxe DVD. If you're reading this at all, you've probably watched them several times. In that case, do you like the story enough to buy what is essentially the same thing all over again, only this time on paper?
A few perks for this volume: the quality of the French translation improves considerably compared to the first volume, and there are some nifty cast interviews at the end of the book along with a simply priceless little gag strip. Brownie points to Glénat for that, but I still say it's best left to the Evangelion die-hards only.