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Legend of fairies

Legend of fairies

Legend of fairies

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Welcome to the world of the Shikigami- ethereal fairy-beings given form and flesh in the shape of beautiful elfin girls.These magical creatures may be caught by a Shikigami Master, someone who knows the ancient art of defeating them at BattleMahjong and binding them with a contract. A man who catches one could win greater power...but risks his very soul.

In the very near future, in Demon City Tokyo, a powerful Shikigami Master named jango lives amidst the bustling insanity of the metropolis. He is about to have his life turned upside down by the mysterious and evil Organization...

A new digital novel game from Four Nine and Milky House, this beautiful dual-platform adventure will take you through theerotic and magic world of the fairies. 100% uncensored, with no mosaic censorship, the game features normal play, auto-play,and picture-only viewing modes.

System requirements for PC:<UL><LI>Windows 95/98/2000<LI>Pentium or better processor<LI>32 mb of RAM</UL>System requirements for Macintosh:<UL><LI>Mac OS 7.6 or higher<LI>Power PC processor or better<LI>32 mb of RAM</UL>

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Adult 18+ Adults Only
Department Figures and Collectibles / Hentai Games
Publisher Jast USA
Series Series not available
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Primary language English
Product Code JUS-MISG0012
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