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Runaway City

Runaway City

Runaway City

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I have the power of Good Luck...

It is true. I win at pachinko whenever I play, and when it rains and I am stuck without an umbrella, a girl appears out of nowhere to let me share hers. No matter what I do, my power never lets me down.

My good luck enabled me to survive when my family decided to commit suicide together ten years ago. I wish my mother had been as lucky, but she died, leaving Dad and me to carry on.

There is one thing about my power: it is getting stronger. Someday it seems like it may swallow all of Japan...

Runaway City is an interactive erotic rol-playing simulation game for mature persons in which you control the action and determine the outcome of the game. One of the most popular hentai games in Japan in recent memory, JAST USA is pleased ro present this excellent gameto you.

System requirements:<UL><LI>Windows/DOS based PC<LI>486 or better processor<LI>16 mb RAM <LI>CD-rom drive <LI>Soundblaster PRO or 100% Compatible sound card<LI>Playing time: Approximatly 7-10 hours</UL>

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Adult 18+ Adults Only
Department toys and models / Games
Publisher Jast USA
Series Series not available
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Primary language English
Product Code JUS-MISG0007
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