My girlfriend's a geek ≫ My Girlfriend's a Geek vol 01 GN

My Girlfriend's a Geek vol 01 GN

My Girlfriend's a Geek vol 01 GN

My Girlfriend's a Geek vol 01 GN

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All penniless college student Taiga Mutou wants is a cool job and a cute older woman as a girlfriend. So when he spies a Help Wanted sign outside an office and a hot girl inside, he applies for the job, no questions asked. After a few bumps at the beginning, things start going Taiga¿s way, prompting him to steel his courage and ask out Yuiko, that hot girl he spied through the window, on a date. And when she later asks him if it¿s okay that she¿s a fujoshi (a very, shall we say, distinct kind of comics/animation geek), he tells her it¿s fine out of sheer excitement. But poor Taiga has no idea how much trouble he¿s just gotten himself into!

Product details
Adult No
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Yen press
Series My girlfriend's a geek
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Slice of life
Product Code YEN-MGGT0001
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Customer reviews
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"valt mee" by symen papadopoulos (België) on Aug 4, 2012

ik heb vol 1 tot en met 5 gelezen en het komt zeker niet in mijn top 10 maar het is ook niet echt een slechte manga serie alleen
is het geen must have

"Leuk!" by Madoka (Nederland) on Feb 15, 2011

Kocht deze manga omdat hij me wel leuk leek maar hij is echt leuk! Ben zelf wel fan van vrouwelijke otaku characters en dit is zeker een van mijn favorieten!

"good not great but funny it is." by Mirre K (Netherlands) on Feb 8, 2011

STORY : Mutou Taiga is an average college student who falls in love at first sight with Ameya Yuiko, a senior at his part-time job. He bravely confesses to her and succeeds in starting a relationship. However, Yuiko tells him that she's a "fujoshi." Clueless to what it meant, Taiga assures her that he's okay with that, not knowing what he was getting dragged into. I THINK :
The story is original (i think) but after having read 2 volumes I kind of feel like it's always the same thing. She rants about her BL stuff and he puts up with it. I do like it though, it's funny and the art is good. But if you don't really like it you might want to prior other manga's over this.

"Nice manga" by Marloes Kok (Netherlands) on Dec 29, 2010

I wanted to try a new manga-serie. Well, I tried this one and it's actually quite appealing! ..Even though I'm not really into the BL stuff, I had a few chuckles about this story :) Because the main-male doesn't know a thing about the fandom his girl is in, it creates a set for humorous situations. ...I'm definitly going to get the second volume!

"Best grappig, best goed, niet speciaal" by Tamara (Netherlands) on Dec 6, 2010

Weer een manga over otaku, of in dit geval een aparte soort otaku: fujoshi. Vrouwen die gek zijn op BL en yaoi. Gelukkig is Yuiko niet zo'n karikatuur zoals je ze normaal in manga ziet. Ze is een echte fan, maar toch een beetje een echt mens, iets wat je van veel van haar getekende soortgenoten niet kunt zeggen. Ondanks dat mist de serie dat beetje extra dat het echt leuk maakt om te lezen. My Girlfriend's a Geek is best grappig en best goed, maar dat is het dan ook wel.