Dragon Ball ≫ Dragonball Z 01 Arrival DVD

Dragonball Z 01 Arrival DVD

Dragonball Z 01 Arrival DVD

Dragonball Z 01 Arrival DVD

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Born long ago of a primeval force on a faraway planet, the saiyans developed into a warrior race so devastating and relentless that their own planet did not survive their centuries of destruction. Now, one of them is coming to earth to find his younger brother Goku!

The mighty Saiyan warrior Raditz arrives on Earth searching for his brother Goku, who was sent to Earth as a baby with a mission to destroy all traces of human life on earth. However, Goku received a blow to the his head upon his earthly arrival, causing him to forget his mission of destruction. Goku has instead become earth's most powerful defender. Raditz tells Goku to destroy 100 earthlings by the next morning or Goku's son Gohan will be killed. After Goku refuses his request, Raditz kidnaps Gohan. Goku is baffled about what to do until his arch enemy, piccolo, appears. Piccolo joins forces with Goku to battle against the Saiyans threat to earth. Both use every technique they posses against Raditz, but discover there is no power on earth capable of stopping Raditz. When Raditz is almost finished with Goku, his power sensor goes off. Gohan has broken free of the space capsule in which Radtiz had imprisoned him. In a remarkable burst of power against Raditz, Gohan's Saiyan blood shows through. Raditz is weakened by Gohan's burst, allowing Goku to grab Radtiz in a bear hug. Piccolo summons an extra powerful screw blast to finish off Raditz, but his attack also ends Goku's life. Before Radtiz dies, he tells Piccolo that two other Saiyans who have greater power are heading toward earth and will arrive within the year! While Piccolo trains Gohan, Goku travels through the other world to visit Martial Arts Master King Kai to get superior training from him in preparation for the coming battle against the Saiyans!

80 minutes

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Pioneer
Series Dragon Ball
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English
Primary language English
DVD region 1
Product Code MIS-MISD0029
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