Mai hime (My-Hime) ≫ My-Hime Complete Collection DVD box set (Anime Legends)

My-Hime Complete Collection DVD box set (Anime Legends)

My-Hime Complete Collection DVD box set (Anime Legends)

My-Hime Complete Collection DVD box set (Anime Legends)

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Before coming to the Fuka Academy, all Mai Tokiha wanted was to live an ordinary high school life, but that's the last thing she's going to get. It turns out that Mai is a HiME, one of twelve girls with supernatural powers that are gathered at this school to fight the Orphans, demons that dwell around the school. A secret organization has other plans for the HiME than just demon-busting and Mai and the other HiME will have to risk something precious to protect the ones they love.<ul><li>Episode 01 - A girl's most important event</li><li>Episode 02 - After-school secrets</li><li>Episode 03 - Dance of flames / Star's oath</li><li>Episode 04 - Mischief of the wind</li><li>Episode 05 - Rain - - tears...</li><li>Episode 06 - The passionate age of 17</li><li>Episode 07 - Lost kittens</li><li>Episode 08 - Precious thing</li><li>Episode 09 - The sea, the maidens, and Natsuki's secret</li><li>Episode 10 - Cake wars!!!</li><li>Episode 11 - Dance of light and darkness</li><li>Episode 12 - The smile of an angel</li><li>Episode 13 - Night of the Tamayura</li><li>Episode 14 - The targeted Academy</li><li>Episode 15 - A high school girl soars to the heavens</li><li>Episode 16 - Parade?</li><li>Episode 17 - Deceitful lips</li><li>Episode 18 - The beginning</li><li>Episode 19 - Labyrinth of the heart</li><li>Episode 20 - Dance of flames / Tears of destiny</li><li>Episode 21 - The obsidian prince awakens</li><li>Episode 22 - Collapse</li><li>Episode 23 - Love and friendship, Heartlessness</li><li>Episode 24 - Love is battle</li><li>Episode 25 - The moment of destiny</li><li>Episode 26 - Shining days</li></ul>

650 minutes

DVD Specs: 26 Episodes on 7 discs, English 2.0 Dolby Digital, Japanese 2.0 Dolby Digital with English Subtitles.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department video / DVD
Publisher Bandai entertainment
Series Mai hime (My-Hime)
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Action , Magical girl , Supernatural
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code BAN-MYHD0000
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Customer reviews
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"Mooie bundel van een mooie serie" by Fowl (Netherlands) on Feb 11, 2012

Dit is een hele mooie bundel van My-Hime. De box is een soort van verdikte dvdhoes met daarin 7 disks. Op elke disk is een leuke afbeelding geprint van 1 van de scenes op de disk. Het is een mooie "pocket" en een must have voor elke My-Hime fan.

"Geweldig !" by jac__22 (Netherlands) on Apr 30, 2010

1 van mijn favoriete series dit, ik was bij het zien van de 1e keer al helemaal verkocht. de humor, de actie, de drama momenten, word allemaal op een hele duidelijke en volg bare manier verteld. in het begin zou je zoiets hebben, waar ben ik aan begonnen, maar in de loop van de serie word het steeds interessanter. het verhaal word donkerder en past goed in de serie. maargoed ik kan er nog heel lang over kletsen hoe goed de serie wel niet is, de mening ligt bij jezelf.

"not-only for magical girls fans" by Alex Karl (Italy) on Mar 15, 2009

I don't like any "magical girls", like Sailor moon and such.

But Mai/My-Hime is different.

The story is damn good (beside the final which I don't like...but that's my opinion). It's not your standard "episode story" like other shows and there are a lot of twists, especially in the 2nd part of the show.

Creature design is nice (mixing animals with mechas) and the girls are not your everyday's bishojo. Even though are good-looking they have a lots of faces and troubles, making Mai-Hime more a drama than a comedy (even if you still have your school life slices here and there).

Must see for everyone's who think that magical girls shows are all the same.

Again, too bad for Anime Legends packaging: a plastic box with no other features.