Series not available ≫ Just around the corner GN

Just around the corner GN

Just around the corner GN

Just around the corner GN

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After an accident, Kishimoto was forced to give up his dream of becoming a pianist. After his lover dumped him, Kiriya found himself spiraling into depression. The two bonded over their unhappiness, and before they knew it they'd developed a physical relationship. But could this diversion go in an unexpected direction?

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher 801 Media
Series Series not available
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
DC Previews 2008 JUN
Product Code 801-JACT0001
Customer reviews
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"Cute" by NaNa (Belgium) on Oct 18, 2016

Two guys meet each at the corner of the street when they are both feeling down. From that, an unusual relationship develops. But just when things are about to get more serious, it turns out one of them hasn┬┐t been entirely honest, and suddenly things are a whole lot more complicated. The story is rather cute and nothing overly dramatic, but the plot (after the first twist) is a bit predictable.

"SO cute!" by Sanne de graef (Nederland) on Oct 13, 2010

I really like this manga.
And I have buy now one for a friend of my