Wish ≫ Wish tome 01 reedition

Wish tome 01 reedition

Wish tome 01 reedition

Wish tome 01 reedition

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Quand Shuichiro rentre chez lui après avoir assuré une opération qui a duré plus de 8 heures, il ne sait pas encore que son destin est sur le point de changer. Quand il sauve cette petite créature ailée attaquée par un corbeau, il ignore qu¿il vient d¿aider un ange tout ce qu¿il y a de plus authentique. Et il ignore aussi que celui-ci ne partira pas avant d¿avoir pu exaucer un souhait de Shuichiro. Seulement, il y a encore une chose que Shuichiro ignore : ce qu¿il peut bien demander. Pragmatique et indépendant, il ne souhaite rien en particulier. C¿est pour cela que l¿ange Kohaku décide de rester auprès de Shuichiro jusqu¿à ce qu¿il change d¿avis...

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tonkam
Series Wish
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Primary language French
Product Code TON-WIST0001
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"Makes you wonder..." by Kitty Ocean (Netherlands) on Apr 14, 2010

In this series, you have to keep a clear mind. Angels and Demons are genderless, yet Angels are 'she' and Demons are 'he'. A doctor saves an Angel from a tree and because he thinks he's sleepwalking, he invites the little one into his home. The little one (who is not so small during day time) wants to do anything 'she' can do to fulfill the doctor's wish... yet he has none! In the mean time, another Angel and a Demon join their household, with three demons frequently visiting!

"cute" by Akira (Netherlands) on Sep 1, 2008

Cute, it's the only way to discripe this series from CLAMP. One of the best creations of them till now.

"Romantic and Angelic" by Nemesis (Netherlands) on Feb 3, 2008

Wish is about a young doctor by the name of Shuichiro Kudo who rescues an angel stuck in a tree, being attacked by a crow. Kohaku, the angel, is so grateful, she offers to grant him a wish. However, Shuichiro is very satisfied with his life, already having everything he wants. Not able to grant his wish, Kohaku feels she should stay with him hoping she can one day repay him.