Transformers ≫ Transformers Animated Deluxe Action Figure - Series 01 Cybertron mode Optimus Prime

Transformers Animated Deluxe Action Figure - Series 01 Cybertron mode Optimus Prime

Transformers Animated Deluxe Action Figure - Series 01 Cybertron mode Optimus Prime

Transformers Animated Deluxe Action Figure - Series 01 Cybertron mode Optimus Prime

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Aliens have landed in Detroit! From the hit TV series, the Transformers Animated action figures bring big action with these colorful figures. The Autobots are ready to save the Allspark from the forces of evil, but the Decepticons are coming. Will the Autobots save the world from Megatron's forces? It's all up to you when you get these great figures!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Hasbro
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Adventure , Science Fiction
Product Code HAS-TDAA0002
Customer reviews
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"Realy nice" by slyer0 (Nederland) on Sep 18, 2010

This an real nice figure joints are
realy tough to bend so if you pose hime he will not change it when you dont look transformation is easy but that animated for you but its still cool
you will like this figure very much I have only one problem with it I cant make the 3 axe because the thing in his shield that you need to snap on to the axe is place the other way so thats the only thing you need to watch out for but if you go for show accurate like me you can just ignore it because he doesnt have an mega axe in the show so I highly recomend geting this figure because OP is realy cool and he has realy nice alt mode

"Animated Priiimeeee" by AnimatedTFFAN (Netherlands) on Mar 4, 2010

Yes, in the red and blue corner Optimus prime. Cant say enough how i love this deluxe prime. HE looks really in Great overall in robot mode. I could stare at him for hours. I love the giant axe ''though its not anime acurate''. Transformation is nice also for this little figure. overall no complaints. GREAT!

"Rather cool" by evilpresident (België) on Nov 29, 2008

This is a nice transformer. He has that true 'cybertronian vehicle' feel in his vehicle mode and looks even better in robot mode.
The only part I don't really like is the axe. Iit tends to bend rather quickly at the joint, which can make it look almost broken. Nothing a little push can't solve though

"best optimus prime ever !" by Yannick Heyndrickx (België) on Jul 26, 2008

deze optimus prime is veel beter dan de voyager versie en de versie in het battle begins 2-pack waarom?

hij is beter dan de voyager versie omdat hij veel beter staat met voyager megatron. In de serie is megatron een beetje groter dan optimus prime en dat is bij dit dan ook het geval.(Als je leader megatron hebt kun je beter voor de voyager prime gaan.)

hij is beter dan de optimus in het 2-pack omdat zijn armen en benen veel vaster staan dan bij die optimus .

O ja en de truck mode is bij alle drie bijna hetzelfde

dus ik zou zeggen ga voor deze optimus prime!

"one word: Cool" by Kevin Meuken (Netherlands) on Jul 3, 2008

If you like animated you will like this transformer. Only transforming it will make him cool. You don't have to remove the shield or axe.

When your almost completed the transformation hes ready to kick some megatron butt...

Highly recommend this figure. And hes just cool in every pose.