Mamotte Shugogetten ≫ Mamotte Shugogetten vol 01 GN

Mamotte Shugogetten vol 01 GN

Mamotte Shugogetten vol 01 GN

Mamotte Shugogetten vol 01 GN

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One day, Tasuke, an average high school boy, receives a mysterious ring from his father. Much to his surprise, when he gazes into the dazzling jewel, a beautiful moon goddess appears--and she claims to be his protector! But having been locked away for a thousand years, she has a lot to learn about the modern world... You never know what will surprise her next in this story about a befuddled boy and his clueless goddess.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Mamotte Shugogetten
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Magical girl
Product Code TPO-MSHT0001
Customer reviews
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"Goede manga" by mayid taui (Nederland) on Jun 24, 2008

Ik heb de anime serie gezien en ik vond hem leuk maar hij had niet het einde waarnaar ik verlande. Ik ben hierdoor de manga gaan lezen, en deze was veel beter dan de anime.
Ik heb een tijd geleden de eerste deel gekocht van tokyopop volume 1+2 (in een boek) en was gelijk weg van. Ik kan niet wachten voor de release op 12 augustus 2008 van volume 3 en 4 (in een boek). Voor degene die van Romance anime houdt en magie/comedy dan is deze manga heel leuk om te lezen.

"Two manga volumes bundled in one" by grussbarbar (Netherlands) on May 18, 2008

Mamotte Shugogetten reads as you would expect from the description. It the story of a boy who suddenly has a very sweet and beautiful, and very naïve girl/spirit living with him in the same house. A little while later, another girl/spirit, this one a lot more lustful, joins them.

The story as such is pretty cliché. It reminded me of Ken Akamatsu's A.I. Love You on more than one occasion. If you know that series, you know what to expect: a sweet, completely devoted girl that knows nothing of the real world, and a kind boy that lives with her, both growing closer along the way. To be honest, I must say I liked A.I. Love You better, because Ken Akamatsu's pacing is better (everything happens a lot more gradually), and his humour is funnier too.
Mamotte Shugogetten relies a lot on the strangeness of the girls'/spirits' powers to be funny, while A.I. Love You focuses on the girls' lack of knowledge and how they cope with that. Also, in A.I. Love you, the girls are more intelligent and interact more with the outside world, thereby begetting more interesting, and thus more funny, sidestories.
Overall, while the basic concept behind A.I. Love You and Mamotte Shugogetten is very much alike, A.I. Love You is just written smarter.

Still, even though Mamotte Shugogetten's story stays simpler (at least in this one volume I read), it doesn't mean it's less sweet. In the end, it's a light, but nice read.

One last thing: If I just looked at the story, I would have graded this manga 3 stars out of 5, for an "average" score. The reason I gave it 4 stars, is a pretty important one (and one I can't believe Archonia didn't mention): this manga is actually a bundle of the first 2 manga in the series. So for this price, you're getting a manga that's twice as thick (over 400 pages) as a typical other manga!