Voice or Noise ≫ Voice or noise vol 02 GN

Voice or noise vol 02 GN

Voice or noise vol 02 GN

Voice or noise vol 02 GN

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With their misunderstanding cleared up, Shinichiro and Narusawa are getting closer. But with Acht not having talked for the past six months and a crazy night of drinking and sexual advances from Narusawa's students, will Shinichiro be able to handle their relationship?

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Blu
Series Voice or Noise
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Primary language English
Product Code BLU-VONT0002
Customer reviews
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"In this sequel their feelings get hotter." by Tennak (Denmark) on Mar 29, 2008

Art and story by Yamimaru Enjin
Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor
Rating: Older teen/16+
Original story: 2003/2004

Narusawa and Shinichiro have gotten a lot closer but they have not evolved beyond friendship. They spend a night at a hotel and nothing happens, but Shinichiro begins to realize something about their relationship and where it might lead.

Still a very exiting read.
You follow these two characters as they develop and both change a lot. The grown man feels very strongly about the young guy but is very scared of the feelings involved and the young guy gradually learns of the power he has.

The art is very naturalistic. The page design is easy to read and all facial expressions are convincing.

Will be followed by a vol. 3
Very highly recommended.