School rumble ≫ School rumble vol 08 GN

School rumble vol 08 GN

School rumble vol 08 GN

School rumble vol 08 GN

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The school festival is coming, and Harima and his cohorts want to present a play. But Hanai's group is set on a maid cafe. So the two stubborn parties decide that the only way to come to an understanding is a rumble in the middle of the night - with BB guns at the ready!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Del Rey
Series School rumble
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance
Product Code DEL-SRUT0008
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Customer reviews
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"School Rumble War" by Lee (Netherlands) on Aug 16, 2009

Everyone is out for war. It's some sort of exaggerated paintball full of silly drama as if it were a real war. Get this one as soon as possible. I can actually laugh out loud when reading this manga series. School Rumble is unbelievable and this one is unbelievable plus haha!
Continued in next volume, so I can't wait because I haven't yet seen the anime series completely.

"xD" by oboro1989 (Netherlands) on Jan 29, 2008

They finally started with the second season and what a start it is. They use almost the whole volume for the (hilarical) survival game. It's fantastic. The guns, the action, the poor results of the swimsuit wrestling team. The best parts where the confrontation of the first kissing school rumble couple and 'eri sawachika' at the battlefield. You just have too read it for youself. It's another brilliant volume of school rumble. And as another plus, the front picture of osakabe- sensei, very nice:D