Transformers ≫ Transformers MP-05 Megatron Re-issue

Transformers MP-05 Megatron Re-issue

Transformers MP-05 Megatron Re-issue

Transformers MP-05 Megatron Re-issue

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Takara is re-offering this exciting Master Piece Action figure. The MP-05 features the mighty Megatron who can transform in his gun altmode.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department toys and models / Action Figure
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Adventure , Science Fiction
Product Code TAK-TRFZ8996E
Customer reviews
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"This is Megatron as he shoul be!" by Lantis-Driver (Germany) on Oct 18, 2008

In short words, this is and will be the best Megatron ever!!

Despite all the stuff some people say about not beeing made out of die-cast metal and the skinny legs... This is the best Megatron ever and all a fan could wish for!

Why is that? Well, the simplest answer is because he is one of the rare versions where you can get him in his original G1 gun mode as a walther p38 handgun and not as tank or space ship stuff. The other reasons are, that he is very tall, a stunning peace of work in articulation and transforming and he looks just perfectly in both modes.

Some say he has it hard to stand, that comes because the blaster on his arm is very heavy, the joints are very tight so posing him is not a real trouble but may take some time.

The fact that he is made of plastic except for the feet and backbones does not affect the figure at all, considering that this will be the hardest piece of transformation you will ever have to deal with an that you get a fully big sized robot out of a little handgun, thats just awsome!

And you may keep in mind that this here offered version is the original Takara Version which is you may call it uncensored. The Hasbro Version had an orange plug in the barrel to keep people from mistake it for a real gun and it had the laserpointer in the armblaster / scoop removed which is here a fully red led light that looks pretty cool.

All in all, i can only recommend this for all fans of the original megatron! Keep it careful when you transform him the first time, means no force, and then you will have no problems but a hell of display piece for this is meant for collectors only and not to be toyed with!

5 Star Masterpiece of its own!

"It's a Masterpiece but..." by Danny Paquette (Canada) on Jul 25, 2008

Hi all

Let me review the TakaraTOMY Masterpiece Megatron. This one is a marvel of engiennering, the way it transforms is really above all level of transforming.

The major flaws is the material, it's only made of plastic. Coming from the Masterpiece line, I would I prefer diecast.

It tooks me a few hours to transform at first, just to be sure not to scratch the plastic. Overal paint is good quality.

Also by the nature of Megatron don't expect to let him stand very well. Is legs are tiny so he don't stand right all time, unlike Prime or Starscream. But once you find the right spot, he won't move.

To play with, NO
For Collector: YES

There a lot a video review on youtube on how to transform this guy.

So far I own MP-2, MP-3, MP-4, MP-5, so Megatron indeed the quality of a Masterpiece.