Dark Horse Heroes ≫ Secret Land TP (Trade Paperback)

Secret Land TP (Trade Paperback)

Secret Land TP (Trade Paperback)

Secret Land TP (Trade Paperback)

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Two lovers torn asunder by World War II face a terror from beyond the stars in this cosmic horror by the creators of The Whispering Dark.

The war is over, Katherine is dead, and Ben is trying to move on. But then the Navy receives a message from her. At a base in Antarctica, the Third Reich is plotting its return, powered by strange and foreboding technology. Katherine is there, and Ben is coming to get her.

Collects the four-issue miniseries.

(W) Christofer Emgard (A/CA) Tomas Aira

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / Graphic Novels - Trade Paperbacks
Publisher Dark horse
Series Dark Horse Heroes
Shop Comics & POP Culture
Primary language English
DC Previews 2021 SEP
Product Code ARCHO3-521416
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