Cherry juice ≫ Cherry juice vol 01 GN

Cherry juice vol 01 GN

Cherry juice vol 01 GN

Cherry juice vol 01 GN

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After five awkward years, step-siblings Minami and Otome are finally getting along as true siblings might - even to the point of offering each other romantic advice. But when Amane, Minami's best friend, confesses his love for Otome, suddenly the siblings' peaceful relationship takes an unpredictable turn that leaves them wondering: Who are they really in love with?

From the creator of fan favorite Kedamono Damono comes a romantic tale that gives a whole new answer to the meaning of love!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Cherry juice
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Drama , Romance
Product Code TPO-CJUT0001
Customer reviews
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"Cute OwO" by Kuroi-Tenshii (Nederland) on Feb 10, 2008

I did like the manga actually ^^ In my opinion, the art is greatly drawn and the story is cute too. They are step-siblings so it doesn't bother me at all ;P

I've decided to buy the other volumes to read the whole story ^.^

"uhhh..." by shuurei Yura (Nederland) on Jan 16, 2008

well what can i say about this? i kinda don't like this story. the art is great and very cute. but the story brother and sister love each other.... i don't know. little strange. and all that jelous stuff, i don't like it at all. sister who dates her brothers friend, he is jelous. the he takes a girlfriend too, now she is jelous too.... JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT AND ACCEPT WHAT YOU FEEL!! that's what goes trough my head the whole manga.
but i've red the other manga from Haruka too. i didn't like that one either. but when i red it again i started too like it more. so geass i've to read this one again. then maybe i like it and maybe the second volume is better. who knows...