Gunbuster ≫ Aim to the TOP 2! (Gunbuster 2) Perfect Book

Aim to the TOP 2! (Gunbuster 2) Perfect Book

Aim to the TOP 2! (Gunbuster 2) Perfect Book

Aim to the TOP 2! (Gunbuster 2) Perfect Book

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"Aim to the TOP2!" is the OVA series made by GAINAX, for the series' 20 years anniversary. This seriegot the Best OVA award in Tokyo International Animation Fair 2007. This book contains a story digest, illustrations gallery from lots of magazines,"Aim to the TOP2! Encyclopedia" explaining various events in the series and commentary from Staff and voice cast!

95 pages (48 pages full color), A4, Soft cover

Product details
Adult No
Department books / Guide book
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Series Gunbuster
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Comedy , Drama , Adventure , Science Fiction , Action , Giant robots , Space opera
Product Code KAD-GUNA0001
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Customer reviews
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"Aim for the top" by Cyclone_X (Belgium) on Sep 30, 2008

The series was just too good to leave this book at the store. It contains all 6 recaps of the episodes, charachter & mecha list with lots of pictures. There is even a ton of sketches to show the first ideas for Nono & co.
Other than that it covers all the DVD covers (pun intended) and the images seen in the outro.