Love is like a hurricane ≫ Love is like a hurricane vol 01 GN

Love is like a hurricane vol 01 GN

Love is like a hurricane vol 01 GN

Love is like a hurricane vol 01 GN

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Poor Mizuki has the worst luck. Gifted with beauty that rivals most females, he finds himself defending his honor in more ways than one. When he gets molested on board a train for school one day, he starts to think things can't get any worse. That is until he is called into the student council office by the president, Azuma. Turns out the perpetrator of that morning's foray is none other than the student council president himself! Azuma is not one for one night stands and begins his campaign to make Mizuki his own.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher 801 Media
Series Love is like a hurricane
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Yaoi
Product Code 801-LLHT0001
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Customer reviews
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"nice yaoiseries!" by sunny bunny (Nederland) on Nov 6, 2008

humoristische yaoi-reeks, waar niet voor niets een 18+ label opstaat. De tekenstijl erg mooi en er staan in elk boekje ook enkele kleurenpagina's. Soms zijn de personages lastiger uit elkaar te houden, maar dit doet er niet veel toe - waarschijnlijk is dit een uitgave die je meerdere malen zal lezen!

"thumps up XD!" by Narumo (Nederland) on Feb 28, 2008

this manga is a must have for the hardcore yaoi fans XD LOL LOLXD the story about the two stepbrothers is good indeedXD and the humour is lot's of fun too

"*pass out from too much blood loss*" by Maria Maric (Denmark) on Jan 30, 2008

ahem... if you're into lots and lots of scenes, this is the Yaoi for you. At the same time it's really humourus and you are screaming for more when you finish it.
I really luurve the story about the two stepbrothers
In addition, the artwork is great!

"*nosebleed*" by Eggychan (Netherlands) on Oct 13, 2007

Alright alright, I'll admit, that MAYBE it's kinda explicit (I suffered a drool-overload for at least a week), but DAMN is that seme cute! He's like that evil 'horny' dude, that seems to be nothing but perverted, but turns out to be suuuuuuuch a sweet guy with just a lotta hormones born out of immense love for his partner. And gawwwd the uke is so headstrong cute puppy kind of boy/guy, that makes ya wanna say : "awwww lookie he's mad, awwwww now he's flustered, awwww! " you'll totally get what made the seme fall in love.
and putting the two to getter, it created a manga that's high in the top of my yaoi-list- and trust me... I read a lot of yaoi *blush*
(there are also many side stories that are cute! but the main story I like the most and is the one in my favs)