Street fighter ≫ Street Fighter alpha vol 01 GN

Street Fighter alpha vol 01 GN

Street Fighter alpha vol 01 GN

Street Fighter alpha vol 01 GN

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One of the most anticipated Street Fighter manga series ever is finally adapted for the English audience! Featuring the popular cast of the Street Fighter Alpha series, fan-favorite characters are brought to life through the explosive story and art of popular manga artist Masahiko Nakamura. Prepare for all-out martial arts action as Street Fighter heroes battle against the forces of the evil Shadaloo crime lord M. Bison.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Udon entertainment
Series Street fighter
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Adventure , Action , Martial arts
DC Previews 2007 FEB
Product Code UDO-SFAT0001
Customer reviews
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"A decent enough adaptation... but that's all." by Kimmo Virkkil├Ą (Finland) on Nov 17, 2007

The Street Fighter Alpha manga series is a prime example of an average game to manga adaptation. It is competently done, but it is also extremely limited considering the material it had available to it. In fact, it's almost a crime how little the manga uses of the colorful cast of the Alpha series.

Even the art is only above average really, at least compared to better adaptations. You could say that the characters are kind of TOO manga like compared to the game characters themselves.

The 'story' reads as kind of Readers Digest version of a real story, and with a speed of bullet train on drugs. There is really no time to give any depth to the fighters.

Cotton candy of the SF licenses, but readable such... For all my 'harsh' words, I liked the series. Fun enough to read, but don't expect much else.