Transformers ≫ Revoltech Action figure 019 Transformers Optimus Prime/Convoy

Revoltech Action figure 019 Transformers Optimus Prime/Convoy

Revoltech Action figure 019 Transformers Optimus Prime/Convoy

Revoltech Action figure 019 Transformers Optimus Prime/Convoy

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REVOLTECH is an innovative ball joint system that allows the figure to be manipulated into any kind of dynamic and realistic pose unlike any other PVC action figure.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Figures and Collectibles / Action Figure
Publisher Kaiyodo-Xebec
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Adventure , Science Fiction
Product Code KAI-TRAZ0001
Customer reviews
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"Optimus Prime" by OneManCollectiblez (Netherlands) on Feb 11, 2010

Revoltech did it, Starting the transformers line with these Neat little posable figures. Ofcourse they come with a wide range of articulation wich is really well done. Though this figure has a really wide range of articulation, he gets beaten (articulation wise) by Megatron from the revoltech line.

I made a review on Youtube of this figure. if u would like to see it, Heres the link to my Userspage:

"For the posability fans." by Rhinox (Netherlands) on May 18, 2009

Because of the name of the series, most fans tend to call anything that doesn't transform "not a transformer". If you're one of these fans, you won't end up liking any of the Revoltech transformers, as these focuse completely on giving you a figure that looks fantastic when displayed. The new revoltech joints allow for a high amount of posability without wearing down like Balljoints, cutjoints or ratchet joints. The figure's appearance is completely based around Pat Lee's comic design, giving him a very stylised, humanoid design. The figure also comes with his traditional ion-cannon, several different attachable hands, and of course, the Matrix of Leadership. All this makes for a greatly posable, awesome-looking figure with sweet accesories. There is but one problem with the figure: The pegs that connect his hands to his wrist are known to be unfairly tight, sometimes resulting in them breaking when you attempt to swap them out.
So if you're the kind of fan that buys Transformers for display only, pick this up. If not, leave it.

"Prime time, but so-so..." by Booly (Belgique) on Apr 17, 2008

As a newcomer in the Revoltech figs' world, my only experience was Hot-Rodimus.I was pretty satisfied except for some little issues with the hands joints too hard to pull...

Since I dreamt to have an Optimus Prime fig for a long time, I chose the Revoltech option: low price, nice sculpt and pretty close to the Dreamwave Gen One look. So I ordered one, and here's what came out of the box.

The good: As I said earlier it's pretty close to the Dreamwave-designed Optimus, Pat Lee's art 's truly "alive" with this fig. the sculpt is grand (the head's a true work of art), the paintwork is nice, and the alternative hands are pretty well done. Plus the fact of having the Matrix

The bad: It is an already old fig in the Revoltech series, and it feels so! Some joints (not the Revoltech ones) are kinda lose, but that's not really catastrophic, just a bit annoying at worst. The fact of lacking a V-shaped base is another detail, I wish there was one, but once again, that's not truly a problem, as Prime is well balanced on his feet.

The ugly: The gun looks great, as long as you don't try to remove it from Optimus's hand... I had the bad surprise to see the handle separate from the rest of the gun. Seems that the weapon was poorly designed after all... Besides, the dreaded "hard to pull" hands are back, but it looks like it's a Transformers problem, since the forearms are massive and fists are kinda hard to grip. I've got a VF-1S Strike Valk', and those hands are working like a charm...

So, I'd give 3 stars to that fig, it's not bad at all, but Optimus has his share of problems in this one (... besides the usual ones caused by the Decepticons ;) )

"Pour les nostalgiques" by Christophe Hermans (Belgium) on Dec 26, 2007

Très bon boulot pour cette figurine comme pour bien d'autre de Revoltech.
Ici on a donc le fameux Optimus Prime, dont on suivait les aventures il y a plusieurs années dans le dessin animé transformers.

Pas de transformation en camion possible, mais par contre un grand nombre de poses réslisables grâce aux articulations de cette fig.

"kleine optimus maar wel met een punch" by Nova (Nederland) on Oct 27, 2007

Deze optimus prime, zag er op deze site zo goed en gedetaileert uit zoals hij hoort te zijn dat ik m moest bestellen,
toen ik m binnen kreeg vond ik m wel aan de kleine kant,
maar het zag er zo goed uit naar mijn mening dat ik zelfs dacht om andere Revoltech's aan te schaffen, alleen ik zag alleen een andere megatron er bij staan, jammer dat ik starscream of galvatron niet zag staan xD..
in ieder geval als fan is dit zeker de moeite waard, en ik zei steeds tegen me zelf dat ik geen transformers zou kopen ...8-)

"great!" by silverbolt (UK) on Mar 18, 2007

this toy is great like the one in the dw comics NOTE it does not transform