Bible black ≫ Bible black only DVD

Bible black only DVD

Bible black only DVD

Bible black only DVD

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Saeki, Shiraki, Miss Takashiro, Doctor Kitami and Ito all had important parts to play in the deadly conspiricy to summon a demon on Walpurgis Night. But even when they weren't part of the action, they were still getting plenty of action. These are the side stories of Bible Black. Ito introduces her boyfriend to the whole girl's swim team. Miss Takashiro has a reunion with the sex demon she accidently summoned when she was a student. Saeki learns Kitami's "special trick" so she can show the girls of her coven some real love. And Doctor Kitami is up to her usual tricks.60 minutes

Product details
Adult 18+ Adults Only
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Media blasters - Kitty Media
Series Bible black
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Drama , Horror , Hentai
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code MBL-BIBV0000
Customer reviews
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"Bible Black only" by Berserk (Germany) on Jul 23, 2013

Ein netter Bonus mit dein sexy Mädels aus Bible Black.
An sich nur kurze Nebenstorys , aber sie zeigen was später aus Takashiro wird ;)
Verraten wird nix, kauft euch die DVD :P

"Geweldig animatie." by Kenitay Cordromp (Nederland) on Dec 24, 2007

Onder de pikante animes op dit moment, is dit helaas de enige waarvan je kunt zeggen dat het super top kwaliteit is. De sterke punt van BB is: de animatie qualiteit.