Junjo Romantica ≫ Junjo romantica vol 02 GN

Junjo romantica vol 02 GN

Junjo romantica vol 02 GN

Junjo romantica vol 02 GN

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Misaki and Usagi have been living together for over a month now, but suddenly a beautiful editor named Aikawa enters the picture, leaving Misaki to question his love for Usagi. Also, things get rocky with Hiroki and Nowaki's relationship when Nowaki leaves for a year to study abroad without telling Nowaki. Will the problems that have arisen mean an end to their relationships?

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Blu
Series Junjo Romantica
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Yaoi
Product Code BLU-JROT0002
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Customer reviews
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"Briljant" by Wolverine (Netherlands) on Jan 3, 2010

Ik ben gek op deze manga! Was altijd al gek op de anime en dan is deze manga daar een leuke aanvulling op. Zie de liefde opbloeien tussen 3 verschillende koppels. Persoonlijk vind ik die tussen Misaka en Usagi-san het leukst om te volgen!
Het is wel een boy-love manga dus houd daar rekening mee, maar verder is het een top manga een echte aanrader!

"Good sequel" by Iris Splinter (Netherlands) on Nov 21, 2009

This is indeed a yaoi series, but this second volume is a great continuation of the first one. It's very endearing and funny. In most series the characters can come across as really forcefull, but in this series they are kind and gentle (although there is some perseverence...;))

"Great!" by KaatjeMSK (Nederland) on Jan 13, 2009

This is a great manga, with 3 seperate stories.
And It's really cute too!

If you're a fan of BL, then I really think you should read this manga!

"great" by Demy (Nederland) on Oct 4, 2008

A really nice manga with three different stories. The art is really good just like the story.

a must have for shounen-ai fans.

"nice" by Maria Maric (Denmark) on Feb 22, 2007

I actually liked this sequel better than the first volume since the bonus story, Junjo Egoist, is taking up most of the space.
I really liked the pair in JR 1 and now the plot's somewhat deepened.
Still many hot scenes.