Trinity blood ≫ Trinity blood vol 02 GN

Trinity blood vol 02 GN

Trinity blood vol 02 GN

Trinity blood vol 02 GN

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All roads lead to Rome and the Vatican, as Abel, Tres, and Esther set off to meet up with the rest of AX after the death of Gyula and the destruction of Esther's home church in Istavan. Esther's on a new mission, seeking to find herself and the source of her suffering, and new orders from the Vatican may lead to the answer. But the journey is filled with many twisted turns, including a formidable vampire, a bloodsucking tree, and a dangerously beautiful mermaid!

In these original, never-before-told stories--which you will not find in the Trinity Blood novels or anime--all's fair in blood and war!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Trinity blood
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Action , Supernatural , Occult
Product Code TPO-TRIT0002
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"On the road to Rome" by Zetsuta (Nederland) on Aug 12, 2007

As Father Nightroad, Tres and Esther continue their journey to the Vatican, they soon discover that their travel will go as smoothly as planned. Having to face a Methuselah attack on the train, in the woods and over sea, Esther starts to doubt whether she will be capable of keeping up with Abel and Tres. It just seems she barely knows half of what's really going on! Meanwhile, it also appears that Father Nightroad and Tres have some (dark) secrets of their own.
Esther, still struggling with Dietrich's betrayal and the demolition of her home in Istavan, gets her skills tested multiple times in the second volume of Trinity Blood.

"Marvelous" by MJTheOne (Netherlands) on Aug 10, 2007

Just like the first Volume the Art is again beautifull and the story is just a little bit different. If you enjoy Vampire slashing with a little extra (im not gonna spoil ;) ) then you really should have this manga. So have fun reading this second Volume of Trinity Blood!