Tanpenshu ≫ Tanpenshu vol 01 GN

Tanpenshu vol 01 GN

Tanpenshu vol 01 GN

Tanpenshu vol 01 GN

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Heart wrenching and complex, Tanpenshu, Volume one, is the first of two collections of powerful, shorter works by manga master Hiroki Endo (creator of the critically acclaimed, long-running Eden manga series). The three stories in this first volume are mature explorations of humanity's constant, fumbling attempts to find hope and meaning in a confusing, violent world.

A disfigured misfit befriends a doomed yakuza outcast, a group of school kids fail to see the anger that's about to boil over from one of their own, and members of an experimental theatre troupe embark on a project that will test both their friendships and the group's grasp on reality.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Dark horse
Series Tanpenshu
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Drama
DC Previews 2006 OCT
Product Code DCSTK326669
Customer reviews
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"A great short-story collection." by Villain (Finland) on Jan 3, 2009

The first volume of Hiroki Endo's Tanpenshu contains three self-contained manga shorts, each of them from 50 to 90 pages or so. Unlike Endo's sci-fi oriented mainwork Eden, these stories are all set in modern-day Japan and have a relatively realistic tone overall. Endo explores the society he grew up in and does not shy away from difficult topics like domestic violence or sexual issues.

The first story, "The Crows, the Girl, and the Yakuza", is not as deeply rooted in realism as the other two. It's like a Tarantino-esque crime story about violence, just more somber and touching than most of its kind. As always with Endo, the bloody violence has a meaning and a message here - it's not drawn just for purposes of gratification.

The second story, "Because You're Definitely a Cute Girl", is surprising in that it is viewed from the perspective of a young girl experiencing puberty-related issues. The closely detailed portrayal of her emotional instability shows what an acute observer of human psychology Endo is - or is this something he has gone through himself and has just changed the sex of the protagonist and the final resolution for this story? I can't tell for sure.

The third and final story, "For Those of Us Who Don't Believe in God", appears the simplest of them all, but is actually a very introspective tale about the lives of young university students. A theater-group is preparing a play about human morality, but their internal issues are making things difficult. There's a very personal touch by Endo here, once again forcing the reader to wonder how much of the story might be real and based on his own life experiences.

Dark Horse has done good work with this English-language release, once again including Endo's afterword and some useful cultural notes in the margins. With 230 pages of sheer quality, this collection is a must have to every serious fan of manga.