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Click vol 01 GN

Click vol 01 GN

Click vol 01 GN

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Joonha is a normal, healthy boy of sixteen who's cruised through life without too many problems. So imagine his surprise when one day a routine trip to the bathroom reveals that he's not normal at all! With a shriek, he discovers he's suddenly missing... well, something he never thought he could live without. The truth is, his family is abnormal in the weirdest of possible ways: after puberty, their bodies undergo a mutation that converts them into the opposite sex! Now Joonha has to leave behind his life as a boy and live as a girl - in the middle of high school!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Netcomics
Series Click
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Romance
DC Previews 2006 NOV
Product Code NET-CLIT0001
Customer reviews
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"Cool" by sachi (Nederland) on Jul 10, 2008

This manhwa is just great; Of course, genderbending is always fun to read!
But this is cool because it's funny and realistic too (besides the change of chromosomes ofcourse). The drawing style is unique. It's not perfect and a bit rough, but it totally fits the manhwa and it looks good in its own way.

"A gender bender romance comedy!" by Tennak (Denmark) on May 29, 2007

A manhwa by Yougran Lee.

A cool and beautiful guy suddenly finds that his family has a cromosome defect - they change sex when in puberty. So he disappears from his friends and school, and start as a cool and beautiful girl in a new school.
This cool girl is a tomboy who protects the weak and sometimes even forgets everything and walks into the mens bathroom to the surprise of all.

It is well written. You get drawn into the story easily and you feel for the guy who has had to abandon his friends and learn to cope with a monthly period.
The art can be sampled at and I don't think it is pretty, but it works OK.

A gender bender romance comedy with thoughtfullness!