Rumbling hearts ≫ Rumbling hearts vol 02 DVD

Rumbling hearts vol 02 DVD

Rumbling hearts vol 02 DVD

Rumbling hearts vol 02 DVD

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Haruka's Condition - has everyone living out a warped high school daydream, as they are forced to act as if the three years since the accident simply have not occurred. Sword to uphold the façade for the young girl¿s sake, Takayuki spends more and more time at the hospital and his old feelings for first true love being to resurface. Remembering that she was once the most important thing in his life, he begins to neglect the reality for the fantasy... Until the day that Mitsuki presents him with an unpleasant ultimatum. As their lives spin rapidly out of control, words are said and actions are taken which can never be undone.125 minutes<UL><LI>Episode 06 - Wishing<LI>Episode 07 - Always second thoughts<LI>Episode 08 - Old scars are new<LI>Episode 09 - Unraveling<LI>Episode 10 - Impulses</UL>

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Funimation
Series Rumbling hearts
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language English
Genre Drama , Romance
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code FUN-RHEV0002
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"Still very sad" by ElenoreLoretje (België) on Apr 4, 2008

The sequal to the previous dvd and on this one, the situation soesn't really change, but you learn how everone handels the incident or how they don't. It's really touching cause it's so REAL. The guilt, the pain,...

You'll need another load of tissues people