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Manga Guide to Sudoku

Manga Guide to Sudoku

Manga Guide to Sudoku

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In The Manga Guide to Sudoku, MG Press offers the first book of its kind to combine two of today's hottest pop-culture exports from Japan: manga and sudoku.

Written by sudoku enthusiast Jay Morrison and illustrated by award-winning artist Atsuhisa Okura, this 192-page guide features an exciting 40-page comic that teaches readers the ins and outs of the game, while the rest of the book is packed with 120 sudoku puzzles ranging in difficulty from "easy" to "heroic," along with their solutions.

The manga story opens with Rie, a Japanese girl, begging her boyfriend to take her to the movies. But Hiro has his head buried in a sudoku puzzle book and commits the cardinal sin: he ignores her. When Hiro realizes Rie's ready to explode, he tries to right the wrong by introducing her to the attractions of sudoku. And therein begins a fascinating intermingling of manga storytelling and sudoku strategies.

Whether you're a sudoku newbie looking to try the most addictive puzzle since the Rubik's Cube, or a sudoku veteran looking for a great gift for a relative or friend, The Manga Guide to Sudoku is the perfect choice. So grab a pencil and get started!

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