Utopia's avenger ≫ Utopia's Avenger vol 01 GN

Utopia's Avenger vol 01 GN

Utopia's Avenger vol 01 GN

Utopia's Avenger vol 01 GN

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Once, there was a legendary kingdom, called Joseon, an ideal country in which peace and prosperity flourished for years. The heroic warrior Hong Gil-Dong created this Utopian land--and then suddenly disappeared without a trace. But time passed, and a band of ruthless warriors invaded the kingdom, leaving it in utter ruins...

Now, Hong Gil-Dong has returned, determined to raise his village from the ashes. But evil forces lurk in the shadows, observing our hero's every move--waiting for the opportunity to strike down Utopia's avenger... The nonstop martial arts action begins right here!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Utopia's avenger
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Action , Martial arts
Product Code TPO-UAVT0001
Customer reviews
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"Up there with the best" by Timu_San (Netherlands) on Oct 13, 2007

This is really good. Amazing attention to detail, great fightscenes that sometimes last for 20 pages. It reminded me of games like Final Fantasy and Dynasty Warriors. The drawings are like a mix between the styles of Death Note and Warcraft The Sunwell Trilogy. Which are 2 of my favourite series and this one's just as good.
It has a good story (4 volumes in total), though it's basically good guy gets revenge on the guys who ruined his hometown.

If you like action (martial arts) manga and great drawings, CHECK THIS OUT!!

"Goed getekend." by Matchez (Nederland) on Aug 10, 2007

De manga heeft een steengoed verhaal met leuke humor.
De tekengingen zijn van topkwaliteit.
Dit is zeker een verhaal dat het waard is om te volgen.
Heb net 3 besteld en kan niet wachten tot 4 uit is.

Super koopje!