LoveHolic ≫ LoveHolic vol 01 GN

LoveHolic vol 01 GN

LoveHolic vol 01 GN

LoveHolic vol 01 GN

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Nishioka is a reckless up-and-coming photographer who prides himself on his independence. Matsukawa is a very rich and succesful supervisor at a major advertising company and the object of every woman's desire. In fact, Matsukawa seems to get along with just about everyone except Nishioka - yet every time the two team up for a modeling contract, their project is a smash hit. On the surface, matsukawa and Nishioka butt heads at every turn. So why does Nishioka secretly take pictures of Matsukawa when he thinks no one is looking?

Love is like a drug and Nishioka and Matsukawa are both suffering from an addiction they cannot kick. From Touko Kawai, creator of Our Everlasting and In the walnut, comes the business man love story everyone has been waiting for. A picture is worth a thousand words - so is Nishioka's collection of photos simply a way to kill time or his way of expressing feelings he can't quit put into words?

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Digital Manga Publishing
Series LoveHolic
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Romance , Yaoi
DC Previews 2007 JAN
Product Code DMP-LHOT0001
Customer reviews
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"beautiful art and sweet story" by feathereddragon (Nederland) on Jan 3, 2013

Well...the titel says all I guess :D I totally recommend this!
I was slightly touched by the history of Matsukawa, and how he evolved just like the photographer who is actually quite cute :D

"Gotta have it!" by Sayaru-Chan (Nederland) on Nov 9, 2007

this is the first yaoi i ever bought myself, and i'm very pleased with it, the side story (Cold Person) involves Matsukawa, wich was very touching (and i'm not the sensetive woosy!). I read it from cover to coved numerous times... it's a wonderfull (sometimes funny) yaoi for everyone! (well almost, only if ya like it o.O)