Kamiyadori ≫ Kamiyadori vol 01 GN

Kamiyadori vol 01 GN

Kamiyadori vol 01 GN

Kamiyadori vol 01 GN

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From Kei Sanbe, the creator of the hit series Testarotho, comes a chilling vision of a virus that is utterly out of control...

In a dark future, a biological disease that transforms humans into monsters called the Kamiyadori plagues the city. The peacekeeping forces include a special team called the Right Arms, specially trained officers with powers built into their right arms. They must keep tight control on those who are infected--and the only salvation they offer is execution! But when one Right Arms officer is unable to kill a young boy and his sister, he sets off a chain of events that may bring a ray of hope to a world filled with despair and chaos...

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Kamiyadori
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Action
Product Code TPO-KYDT0001
Customer reviews
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"Interesting, but would not buy again" by Noire (Netherlands) on Apr 4, 2012

I also got this manga at a bookfair a few years ago. It's different from what I usually read, but I picked it up because it was very cheap. The story is well written, but it did not make me want to buy the rest of the series after I'd finished it. It's still a good manga, just not for me maybe :) But like the other reviewer, I enjoyed the art. The gorey infected people were interesting to look at.

If you're into this genre, I'd suggest you pick up the first volume and see what you think of it.

"Monster virus" by shimaira (Netherlands) on Apr 8, 2008

I bought this manga at a bookfair a few days ago and the graphics, plot and characters made me read in horror aswell as laughter at some scenes. The drawings of the mutated infected (humans who have been infected with the Kamiyadori virus) are all so well drawn, the gore is almost beautifull.
It made me order the last 4 mangas only a day after I bought vol1. A must read for horror and fantasy fans ^^.