Gravitation ≫ Gravitation EX vol 01 GN

Gravitation EX vol 01 GN

Gravitation EX vol 01 GN

Gravitation EX vol 01 GN

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In order to heal the wounds in his heart, iri Yuki and his vocalist lover, Shuichi, travel to New York to visit the grave of Yuki's first love and tormentor, Yuki Kitagawa. But once there, they make a startling discovering that will change their lives...forever! The eagerly awaited sequel to the shonen-ai smash hit begins right here!

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tokyopop
Series Gravitation
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Comedy , Romance , Music , Shonen-ai
DC Previews 2006 NOV
Product Code DCSTK327556
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Customer reviews
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"aanrader" by hinata (Netherlands) on Jun 4, 2010

als je een gravitation fan bent moet je deze zeker hebben, het is een vervolg op seizoen 1 en de tekeningen in deze manga zijn beter dan het eerste seizoen ^^

"Good!" by sachi (Nederland) on May 3, 2008

Ik denk dat als je de anime hebt gezien, of de manga hebt gelezen, dat dit zeker wel in smaak valt. De art was mooi en het verhaal goed (maar, zoals anderen al zeiden, best verwarrend). Ik heb er in ieder geval van genoten! Dus zeker kopen als je de rest ook hebt gelezen!

"Confusing, but really worth it!" by Chimizu (Netherlands) on Jan 27, 2008

A small error, though, on this page: it's Yuki Kitazawa, not Kitagawa. Ah, well, had to point that out - if you hadn't noticed yet, I'm a big Gravitation fan.

I must say that I rather agree with Soque. It's a great sequel, with lots of action, but besides that it is kind of confusing.
The drawing is nicely done, as always, but still, I had to say it. If you liked the anime and the other manga's, you'll like this.

Oh, and the story has a nice, surprising, twist! -sweatdrop- But I suppose we should have expected something like that.

So, in short: confusing, but it's really worth both your time and your money!

"sugoii" by meri (Netherlands) on Jan 19, 2008

i'm such a gravitation fan and i've been waiting a long time for this.
i hope vol.2 is going to be just as great can't wait :-)
i just love shonen-ai.

"Yush!" by Soque (Nederland) on Apr 9, 2007

I'm a diehard shonen-ai fan and I've been waiting for a very long time to finally lay my hands upon this.
And I must say, it's awesome.
Just as cute and funny as the first series of Gravitation, but the artwork has made a lot of progress. I like it much better than the first series.
The story is a bit messed up and sometimes doesn't make any sense at all, but I can't stop reading it over and over again (and I only got it yesterday)!
This is a must-have for anyone who enjoyed the first series or enjoys shonen-ai just as much as I do.

"Maa maa desu yo.." by Jessie (Nederland) on Apr 1, 2007

Het langvervwachte vervolg op de Gravitation reeks..
Inhoudelijk moet ik zeggen, dat het onzin is en het verhaallijn te kort doet.. Het einde bevat wel een spannende cliffhanger, misschien maakt EX2 de boel wel goed.. De tekenstijl is te vergelijken met deel 3 en 4 van de mangareeks.. Maar goed, als je gewoon hardcore Gravitation fan bent.. is EX wel een leuke toevoeginkje aan je collection.. :)

"echgoed" by Nagashiwa (Nederland) on Feb 21, 2007

Echt een goede^^ het gaat gewoon verder na Gravitation^^ goed verhaal.. 1ding is een beetje vaagjes maar zekers wel goed^^ verheug me al op vol. 2 ^___^