Buso renkin ≫ Buso renkin vol 04 GN

Buso renkin vol 04 GN

Buso renkin vol 04 GN

Buso renkin vol 04 GN

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Kazuki inadvertently reveals his identity as an Alchemist Warrior to the Hayasaka twins, members of the L.X.E. (League of Extraordinary Elects), when he activates his Buso Renkin in front of them. After Tokiko and Kazuki take on the twins in a late-night battle, they learn the location of the L.X.E. headquarters, and head there along with Captain Bravo. Intending to put an end to Dr. Butterfly's organization, they discover that yet another evil plan has been set in motion...

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Viz Comics
Series Buso renkin
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Action , Supernatural
Product Code VIZ-BRET0004
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"Diepgang" by Elfequest (Belgium) on Aug 4, 2010

Dit volume is zoals gewoonlijk weer top. De confrontatie en geschiedenis met de tweeling is goed uitgewerkt en zo krijgt het verhaal meer diepgang. De serie is en blijft zalig met aan het einde weer een cliffhanger!!! :D Kopen die handel... ^^

"LXE almost done" by D.J. van Heumen (Nederland) on Feb 11, 2008

The familair of the LXE challenge kazuki and tokiko. Revealing their identies and their past, kazuki helps them get on the right track. Disbanding the twins. Meanwhile captain bravo faces moonface, the strongest homunculi left of the LXE. Kazuki and tokiko face dr butterfly at school.

Great volume, loved the samurai X sword and the buso renkin action.