Little butterfly ≫ Little butter fly vol 03 GN

Little butter fly vol 03 GN

Little butter fly vol 03 GN

Little butter fly vol 03 GN

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Nakahara's family is slowly falling apart. He's forced to watch while his sick mother battles twisted memories and fits of amnesia...and it's keeping him away from his heart's true desire. Caring Kojima wants nothing more than to share the burden with his trusted friend, but with exams and graduation looming larger than ever, he's got his own future to worry about. It's a pass or fail fight to the finish! Can the boys rely on the strength of their loyalty, or will graduation mark the end of their time together?

When the young lovers of little butterfly feel the first flutter of a strange, delicious desire, they have no choice but to let their anxious hearts scale the heights. Earnest Kojima and quiet Nakahara are as different as two boys can be, but their playful, lusty teasing is a heaven-sent recipe for happiness. The sky's the limit for these true friends...and no twists an ever drag them back down to earth!

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Digital Manga Publishing
Series Little butterfly
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Drama , Yaoi
DC Previews 2006 OCT
Product Code DMP-LBFT0003
Customer reviews
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"erg goed" by jaleesa vaessen (Nederland) on Aug 21, 2007

het is een heel mooi verhaal en ook vrij realistisch, dus zeker waard om te lezen

"Final volume of very cute Boy Love story!" by Tennak (Denmark) on Mar 31, 2007

Made by my favorite mangaka Hinako Takanaga so I'm incredible biased.

I simply love her very dynamic style of drawing. All main characters have messy hair and looks both kind and cute. She has a good use of shading, and is very skilled at portraying emotions. Her character feels like real people.

This is a very simple lovestory.
The two main characters love each other but are now faced with obstacles.
Innocent Kojima has stayed in Tokyo while clever Nakahara has moved to his grandparents in Osaka for the final part of their High School education.
This volume will establish if the separation by geography will tear them apart or push them back together.

I love this story so much!
Highly recommended.