Tales of The Abyss ≫ Tales of the Abyss PVC Figure - Tear Grants 1/8

Tales of the Abyss PVC Figure - Tear Grants 1/8

Tales of the Abyss PVC Figure - Tear Grants 1/8

Tales of the Abyss PVC Figure - Tear Grants 1/8

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The legendary RPG "Tales" series characters finally are available outside of Japan! TALES OF THE ABYSS (and subsequent related series) have been enjoying huge popularity in Japan for over a decade, and almost rival DRAGON QUEST or FINAL FANTASY fandom in their home country. TALES OF THE ABYSS is illustrated by Kousuke Fujishima who is world famous for Oh! My Goddess and Sakura Wars. NATALIA LK LANVALDER is the princess of the Kimuelasca Kingdom. She is sublime and proud, and when danger strikes, she uses her skill as an archer and can be a warrior with a strong will. TEAR GRANTS is a soldier of the Lorelei Church and a user of the Seventh Fonim. She lost her parents while she was young, and was raised to be a soldier. Tear can be posed with her removable magical staff. Both pvc figures stand approximately 8 inches tall (1/8th scale), include display bases, and are available in their original Japanese language window box packages.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Figures and Collectibles / PVC figures
Publisher Kotobukiya
Series Tales of The Abyss
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Product Code KOT-TOAZ0002
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Customer reviews
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"Beautiful Figure!" by DutchPwner (Nederland) on May 18, 2011

Tears came in a nice plastic box with 2 weapons for each hand.

"Best one available but somewhat average" by Chris (France) on Jan 3, 2011

Owning a few Kotabukiyas, I pretty much bought this without a 2nd thought. Upon arrival, I was surprised by the box which was transparent with runes all over it. Neat, I'll admit but also very fragile. I hadn't even taken it out of the delivery box and I noticed that it had torn in the corners. Still, I eagerly took out the figure and noticed a few more little problems. First off, the sculpting is average as I noticed quite a few seam lines here and there as well as moulding marks in the hair and a few other places. Nothing TERRIBLE but still noticeable. Painting is average too: the yellow extremities of the outfit had spots with missing paint here and there.
Not much shading either. It has a nice base though that resembles a wooden trophy base.

Conclusion: Were it not for the fact that the figure is actually reasonably priced by PVC standards, the overall item is average and wouldn't be worth more than 3 stars. More so when compared with some other Kotobukiyas. But, in terms of value for money it's acceptable. You also can't overlook the fact that compared to the rest of the Tear Grant Pvc figures available (not exactly many choices when it comes to Tear), it's probably the best one you can get. 4 Stars from me.

"Tear Grants - grandios" by Eleak (Deutschland) on Feb 9, 2010

Endlich hab ich es auch geschafft, mir die 1/8 Tear-Figur zu kaufen. Hat ziemlich lange gedauert, wenn ich daran denke, dass ich ein großer Tales of the Abyss-Fan bin und Tear zu meinen Lieblingscharakteren gehört..
Überraschenderweise hab ich rein gar nichts an der Figur auszusetzen, sie sieht haargenau so aus, wie auf den Artworks, eine sehr detailierte Figur, auch die Farben stimmen komplett überein. Die Figur kommt mit einer Base (die anders, als auf dem Bild nicht durchsichtig und platt, sondern braun und eher groß ist), einem Zauberstab und einem Messer. Die Verpackung ist praktisch ganz durchsichtig, wer also keine Vitrine hat, kann sie auch ohne Probleme mit der Verpackung aufstellen. Das ganze kommt zu einem bezahlbaren Preis, wenn ich könnte, würde ich mehr als nur 5%5 Sterne geben.

"Bigger than expected" by Myrwyss (Germany) on Nov 20, 2009

First of all,this figure is much higher than expected,bigger than most figures you can find.Thats big plus.Next thing,highly detailed,every single part of it is colored with nice lively paints.Tear's hairs are also another good point of it.They look like on a wind.Figure come with dagger and staff that can be deattached,also nice,big display base in brown color that looks good with rest of figure colors.If you want you can even keep it in box since its completely windowed with some nice runic details.